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How to Find New Opportunities for Blog Commenting

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Link Building

Before I go any further let me say that I think blog commenting is a great link building tactic provided it’s done right. This means actually reading the post and responding to something that struck you as interesting or insightful. “Great post!” doesn’t really cut it, nor should you ever try to promote your own brand in the comment. Like any other valuable link building tactic, the spammers have taken advantage of blog commenting and soured it a little bit for the rest of us. But if you are committed to a white hat link building program which includes (but doesn’t rely on) blog comments then here are 4 ways to find new blogs to comment on:

1. Search for “[keyword] blog.”

The easiest way to find new blogs to comment on is to do a simple Google search. Start with the broadest keywords you are targeting on your site (like “SEO)” and go through the first 20 pages of so of results. Once you feel like you’ve exhausted all the results for that particular keyword pick a new one (“white hat SEO”) and start again. Keep track of all the places you comment so you can revisit them later without having to do the entire search process over.

2. Check out blogrolls.

Blogrolls aren’t as prevalent as they used to be (due in part to the fact that people took advantage of them for link building) but if you’re looking for new blog commenting opportunities than a blogroll is a good place to start. Some of the blogs listed in a blogroll are bound to be defunct, outdated or spammy, but you might find a handful of blog commenting gems in there.

3. See who else is leaving a comment.

Chances are you aren’t the only one leaving a comment, especially on popular industry blogs. Some of the SEO blogs I read have dozens (sometimes hundreds) of comments on each post and most of them link back to another site or blog. That’s a lot of great research you don’t have to do! Check out the sites of the other commenters and see if they have a blog you should add to your blog commenting list. This might even help you begin a blogger outreach program or even find new guest blogging opportunities on smaller industry blogs.

4. Look for curated content or recap posts.

Here on the Brick Blog we do a post once a week entitled “Blog Posts to Read for…” and list some of the great pieces of content we’ve come across that week. Curated content like this is a great way to save on researching time and find new blog commenting opportunities. Any time you come across a post like this be sure to visit each listed source. Even if that particular post doesn’t work for you see if any other posts on the blog are a good fit.

In order to keep my blog commenting organized, I like to create a “master” blog commenting list of 10 or so sites I check each day. These sites are not only good link building sources but they are also a great way to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry. Then I create a secondary list of blogs that I just rotate through (maybe checking out 10-15 a day) to see if they’ve recently published any new content. This helps ensure you are getting links from as many sources as possible and aren’t accidentally doubling up on too many blogs.

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