New Companies Shouldn’t Ignore SEO

Written by Nick Stamoulis

When a business is first started, there’s a lot that needs to be done. The tasks can be too many to count, and only the mission critical items, such as product development, seem to get priority, especially in the beginning. This is the case even when developing a digital marketing strategy. Only the crucial items that will bring in immediate customers often get the focus, with a promise to get to the rest of the tasks later on. Except later might not come until years after the business gets started.

Unfortunately, it’s often SEO that gets pushed aside in favor of other tasks, but we feel that this is the wrong way to look at it. SEO works best when the strategies have a chance to age, and the longer you wait, the worse off you’ll be. Here’s more information:

Maximize Results By Prioritizing Implementation

The longer you have to let an SEO program age, the better off your company will be. This is something that we have seen time and time again. Companies that have implemented an SEO plan right from the beginning are rewarded with an excellent organic presence in the search engines. Those who wait too long have to struggle to keep up.

To fix this, implement an SEO strategy from the beginning. This includes both one time activities that involve things like checking the technical items on a site and optimizing it when it’s first built, as well as long term activities like posting regular content.

SEO Helps Build Your Business for the Long Term

Since SEO is a long term strategy, this means that the sooner you do it, the better off you’ll be. Sometimes, companies wait far too long, and then it might be too late. Too often, we have seen companies come to us that are clearly struggling to find new customers. After the initial surge died down after they opened their doors, since they didn’t have long term strategies in pace, their business started struggling.

SEO is one of the easiest long term strategies to implement, but it needs a year or more to really get going. If you wait, you hurt your business considerably and leave money on the table. To maximize your efforts, it’s best to do it first when you first get going.

Fall Into a Routine to Maximize Results

The goal is to let your SEO strategy work “on autopilot”. Once the initial efforts are done (analysis, page by page optimization, keyword research, etc), what is left are your ongoing strategies. When we work with our clients on their SEO, for us this involves regular posting of content, monitoring data, disavowing bad links, and making sure the technical aspects of the website stay up to par. For example, something like site speed can affect SEO.

The goal is to get the program implemented and working right from the beginning. As your business evolves, your SEO strategy might evolve with it. However, you miss out on customers if you wait too long.

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