Impact of AI on Digital Marketing

Written by Nick Stamoulis

It’s true that AI has changed the way we do things in our society. It has the potential to make our lives easier in ways that we may not have even dreamed of yet. The truth is, there’s still a lot we don’t know about it, including whether or not there will be backlash against it sometime in the future within the digital marketing industry.

We see that there is a lot of potential here, but overall we use it in a very conservative way, seeing it as a tool and not a replacement for high quality, human driven work. Here are some of our thoughts related to AI and how we use it:

We Don’t Know the Implications Yet

We have been in the digital marketing industry for over twenty years. During that time, we have seen a lot of changes. Fads come and go. What was once a best practice in the industry no longer is. For example, SEO looks a lot different now than it did even five years ago, since whenever Google makes a major algorithm update, some of our practices tend to shift.

AI simply hasn’t been around long enough for us to know how its use will affect things. Will the search engines and social media sites crack down on its use? We’re already seeing some shifts, such as Meta requiring that AI images be labeled. Google also had a major core update back in early March of 2024, saying that they are cracking down on “spammy content”. Although they didn’t mention AI specifically, one has to wonder if the update was done in response to an uptick in AI usage.

AI Can Make Your Life Easier

That being said, we know that AI certainly can make life easier. It doesn’t have to be used to directly complete work, such as social media posts, blog articles, and other long form content. It can be used for tasks like:

  • Generating lists of keyword ideas.
  • Develop outlines for longer content.
  • Use it to help develop lists of topics for content.

Those are just a few examples, but in each of these cases, involving AI can save you a lot of time.

Always Use Your Own Words

Now, whatever AI generates won’t be entirely usable in its raw state, no matter how well you prompt the tool. Even if you are using it to streamline certain tasks, you still need to give it a human touch. For example, in the case of having it create article outlines, you will likely only want to use it to see the structure on how they arrange the ideas.

From there, you should 100% write the article by hand, including coming up with your own titles and subheadings. The same is true for anything you will have AI create. Always use your own words, since AI can be a little bizarre in the way it puts words together. It might not express things the way you would.

This is why we take a conservative approach when incorporating. No matter how we use it, we always make sure that we use it in a thoughtful way that maintains the human element.

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