Fractional CMOs Boost Business Growth

Written by Nick Stamoulis

When it comes to succeeding at your marketing goals, it’s all about having access to a level of expertise that can get you closer to the business’s goals. The magic of working with a Fractional CMO, is that you have access to advanced-level marketing expertise but don’t need to commit to hiring a full-time employee.

And what are those benefits exactly? In short, the ultimate goal of a Fractional CMO is to help the business grow. Here’s more information:

Proven Track Record of Success

A good Fractional CMO will have a proven track record of success. They will have helped countless businesses improve results via their marketing strategies. Typically, a Fractional CMO would have had experience working at a company as a CMO, they would have run a company of their own, or they would have years and years of industry experience working in marketing.

The trust is, not every Fractional CMO will have the same background. You need to find someone who has a background that makes you comfortable enough to trust them.

Comprehensive Understanding of All Perspectives

When it comes to marketing, there are two ways of thinking. There are big picture thinkers who go out of their way to see all perspectives, and there are those who think at a more granular level. Fractional CMO’s are unique in that they focus on the big picture while also being able to get into the granular, day to day tasks of a marketing department.

After all, they have to know how to implement the work in order to know how to navigate implementing a marketing strategy. The big picture perspective gets things started, but understanding things on a granular level so they can make better decisions for the benefit of the marketing strategy.

All Businesses Need a CMO

You may not have realized it yet, but all businesses will benefit from having a CMO. It isn’t enough to have a marketing department filled with people. You need to have the right people. You need to have a strategy that will work and someone to oversee things, not only with the strategy, but with the marketing department as a whole.

The reason for this is because CMO’s are decision makers. They

  • Determine the budget for the marketing department.
  • Make hiring decisions to benefit the marketing department and company as a whole.
  • Oversee the results and success of the marketing strategies.
  • Develop an effective strategy that will help the company grow.

The truth is, not every business can afford a CMO, so they simply don’t hire one. The end result is that they end up floundering. They string together a serious of tasks that, on the surface, look beneficial to the marketing, but won’t really make an impact on the business as a whole.  Instead, it would have much better to hire a Fractional CMO to save money but get all the benefits.

As you can see, without a Fractional CMO at your disposal, it will be very difficult to achieve your business growth goals. You need someone to oversee the efforts and push the company towards success.

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