The Easiest Way to Gain Inbound Links

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Taking a white hat (Google approved) approach to SEO link building is hard work. It’s a manual process of finding relevant websites that have link opportunities, such as industry/local business directories and industry blogs that accept guest submissions. The days of paying for links for SEO or exchanging links with other websites are long gone since those tactics will harm your website. However, there is still one inbound link building tactic that’s pretty easy. It takes some time, but the work isn’t too challenging and you can always chip away at it over time. The easiest way to gain inbound links is to find every website that mentions your company, products, or employees, find their Contact Us page, and reach out and ask that they hyperlink the mention to your website. That’s it! Here are some places to start:

Event/sponsorship partners

Has your company ever sponsored an event or been a part of a community organization? If the event/organization has a website that lists the names of any sponsors/attendees/speakers/etc., be sure to reach out and ask them to link over to your website. This is applicable to both new and old sponsorships. Contact any event/organization you have been affiliated with in the past and going forward ask any new websites for a mention and link as well.

Business partners

Do you partner with any other companies in your industry or related industries? An example would be a supplier/distributor relationship. As long as there is a legitimate business relationship between two companies (websites) it would make sense for there to also be a link.

Any other mention

As your company grows and becomes more established, it’s likely there will be mentions across the web in articles, blog posts, etc. You won’t always even know when a new one pops up, which is why it’s recommended to set a Google Alert for the company, brand, website, product, service, employee, etc. Anytime you find a new mention on the web, check for a link, and if there isn’t one, reach out to the website owner and ask for one.

This approach does take some time, but it’s an easy way to build up your link portfolio with relevant, natural, branded links. It’s a great way to diversify links too. Not every link should go to the homepage. For example, if a specific product is mentioned, the link should go to that product page. If an employee is mentioned, the link should go to their profile page on the website. Even though you’re asking for these links outright, the links are still “natural” since the content originally appeared organically.

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