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3 Overlooked Link Building Opportunities

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in Link Building

If you want to stick to a white hat link building strategy it’s important that you diversify your link sources as much as possible. Relying too heavily on one form of link building leaves your website in a vulnerable position—what if that link building tactic becomes classified as web spam and 65% of your links are now junk? A lot of site owner struggle to find new link building opportunities, but finding new link sources isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Here are 3 link building opportunities that are oftentimes overlooked:

1. Conduct a competitive link analysis.

I’m a firm believer that you can’t let the competition dictate your link building, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leverage some of their efforts for your own SEO. A competitive link analysis will tell you (roughly) how many links a competitor has and where all their inbound links are coming from. What great link building opportunities are buried in the competition’s link profile that you have yet to use for yourself? There might be a great niche directory or industry site to join; a good blog to submit content to; a news source you never thought of pitching. Don’t waste your time with the generic and low-quality links—go for the gold!

2. Look for blogs that are accepting guest writers.

Hopefully you’ve incorporated blog commenting into your overall link building strategy. Take a look at some of the blogs where you comment the most frequently or have engaged in a back and forth with other readers or the blog owner themselves. Have any of these blogs put out a call for guest writers? Leverage your activity on that blog in your favor and see if it gets you in the door!

Also, don’t assume that a small blog isn’t a valuable link building opportunity. Small blogs, although they may not reach as many people, can still have a dedicated audience as well as a strong search engine trust factor. Writing for a small, quality blog is still worthwhile. You can’t expect to write for the top blogs in your industry right off the bat; you have to earn you way to the top.

3. Find local events to sponsor.

Brick Marketing is a sponsor of a local SEO Meetup. Once a month we provide snacks and drinks for about 30 people and in return we are listed as a sponsor on the group’s site and we get to write for the organization’s blog. In that blog post we are allowed to add a few links with the anchor text of our choice, in addition to getting our banner ad on the site as a sponsor. All in all it’s a pretty great partnership!

What local events are going on in your neighborhood that you could sponsor? For instance, a pizza restaurant could sponsor their town’s street fest. You get a booth at the street fest, a mention in all their marketing materials (posters, flyers, radio spots, etc) and a link on the town’s website (or wherever information about the fest is being published online). Local events are a great way to help build your local presence and brand, but many businesses fail to see them as a link building opportunity. Remember, almost everything you do to market your business can be leveraged for SEO in one way or another!

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