Why Communication Matters

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When we take on a client, we know that we can really improve their SEO. We have a trusted and established process that really produces results and our clients have had a lot of success. Not only that, but we are a white hat firm and we know exactly what needs to be done in order to produce the results in an ethical way.

We also insure that the client is with us every step of the way. In order to properly execute the program we need approvals and we make sure the client is comfortable. This means that we love it when clients ask us questions, express their concerns, and generally stay in communication with us. We want to know what’s on your mind! In fact, it’s this level of communication that will make or break the success of your SEO program.

We Want You to Be Comfortable

We have a certain way of doing things and we fully disclose our process to you before we even get started working with new clients. Our goal is to develop a close relationship with our clients. We want you to consider us your marketing partners! Although we have a very specific goal in mind, to help clients build their businesses increasing organic search results, we have a lot of knowledge when it comes to marketing in general. We want you to feel comfortable coming to us with any questions or concerns you night have, even if it doesn’t relate to SEO or online marketing.

Slow Response Times Stall the Process

Since we want you to be comfortable, we have built in approvals as part of the process. We never write an article, post an article, perform link building, or execute a social media plan without running things by you first. This gives clients the peace of mind of knowing that the work is being done to a high standard and that everything is fully disclosed. This means that if approvals aren’t occurring on a regular basis, progress stalls. For example, we typically write one blog article per week. This article needs to be approved before it gets posted. If it takes you several weeks to get back to us, this stalls progress and won’t maximize results.

Tell Us Your Concerns!

Every now and then, we have a client who becomes sluggish with response times because they have a question or concern that they aren’t telling us about. Rather than address the problem, they become silent. In this situations the issues could range from in-house personnel changes, budgeting concerns, and stress that the results aren’t in line with expectations. No matter what the issue is, chances are very good that it something we have seen before and that we can help! You just need to let us know what your concerns are so that we can find a solution.

We are fully invested in your success. We want you to be happy with the process and we love seeing our clients succeed and reach their business goals. Lack of communication is frustrating because it means that we can’t be as effective as we’d like. We know that our strategies work – we just need our clients to stay in communication with us so that it can maximize results.


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