Your Website is More Than Your Homepage

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Your homepage is an important part of your website. It generates the lion’s share of your website traffic and essentially is like an introduction to not only your website, but also to your company. The homepage needs to be well designed, user friendly, and optimized properly. However, website owners need to remember that there are many layers to their website and the homepage is just that top layer.

Your Website is More Than Your Homepage

While reviewing Analytics reports, a client recently noticed that the organic traffic to their homepage had dipped slightly. Why did this happen? Is it something to worry about? Because it was only a slight dip and didn’t appear to be any sort of glaring penalty, we suggested that the client shift their focus. Instead of worrying about the organic traffic to only their homepage, we instead recommended that they look at the organic traffic coming to the site overall. This painted a different picture. The organic traffic to the site overall was up, even though organic traffic to the homepage was down. Instead of thinking of this as a negative, it should be viewed as a positive- SEO is working!

In this particular instance, the client had added a new page to the site since the time period that the data was being compared to and it was driving significant organic traffic. What this proves is that that particular page is well optimized and might be the better option over the homepage. When someone is searching for something specific, an interior page that has more detailed information is often the better search result than the homepage that probably has a broader focus.

A good SEO campaign will focus on more than the homepage. Every interior product/service/blog page should be optimized with relevant keywords in the Title, Headline, Description, and body content. A user friendly CMS makes this process very easy. But that’s really just the beginning. Important interior pages should be included in ongoing link building/link earning efforts. The majority of inbound links will naturally go to the homepage, but don’t be afraid to link to other pages when it makes sense to do so. This can include internal linking within the website. You can essentially tell the search engines what the most important pages of your website are by linking to them in the navigation and within the footer of the website.

When reviewing Analytics reports, keep in mind that you really should be looking at the website as a whole- all of the individual pages that can deliver organic traffic. As you create content and publish new optimized pages of the site, it makes sense that traffic will grow within other parts of the site, and not necessarily to the homepage.

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