Why Local SEO Matters

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When putting together an SEO program, there are a few ways that you can approach it. Of course, you should always optimize for national keywords. However, if you have a locally-based business, you will want to incorporate local SEO into your strategy, since it can help attract local customers. Yet, businesses don’t always consider their local SEO when putting together their strategies. Here is some more information about local SEO to think about as you optimize:

Understanding Local SEO

Local SEO is optimizing a website for local search engines. Local SEO helps increase traffic to a website from local sources, leading to increased revenue and greater visibility. It can also help increase foot traffic if you have a physical location.

By optimizing a website for local search engines, businesses can identify and rank higher in results for specific keywords and phrases within their geographical area. After all, people do often search online before visiting local places.  If you don’t optimize for local SEO, you miss out on this opportunity.

Why You Need Local SEO

There are some important benefits to incorporating local strategies into your overall SEO plan. First, it can help increase your visibility. If your business is located within a specific geographic area, showing up in local search results will increase your visibility to those who would be interested in your business. If you don’t have a local presence, you will miss out.

Not only that, but when people find your business through local search results, they’re more likely to stay loyal because you’re closer to where they are. Plus, if they already know about your business but haven’t visited yet, they may be inclined to do so now that they know you are local.

 Local SEO Strategies to Use

There are a few ways to approach doing local SEO. When you optimize your website for regional search, you target specific geographic areas. It includes optimizing your website for cities, counties, states, or even countries. By targeting specific regions, you can improve your site’s visibility in those areas.

Just remember that when it comes to local SEO optimization, a little goes a long way. These simple tweaks will help you establish your location in the search engines without overdoing it:

  • Business Address. Make sure your business address is visible in your footer.
  • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. Incorporate some local keywords in some of your title tags and meta tags, especially on your main pages.
  • Body Copy. Mention your location in the copy on your website a few times, but only if it makes sense for your content.

Keep in mind that when it comes to SEO, you don’t want to overdo optimizing. The search engine algorithms are sophisticated enough to establish your local presence without overdoing the keyword usage. In fact, they frown against using too many.

So yes, local SEO matters, but you don’t need to try so hard to establish your local presence. You will naturally do well if you have your location visible and present on your website.


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