Get to Know the Types of Inbound Marketing

Written by Nick Stamoulis

The sole function of inbound marketing is to use content to create positive online experiences for your audience. Goals for inbound marketing can differ from increasing brand awareness to making sales. Ultimately, inbound marketing’s purpose is to make connections with people online and supply them with a steady stream of content that adds value to their lives while also bolstering your business or brand.

This is the total opposite of outbound marketing, which tends to use interruptive tactics to get attention. For example, television commercials, billboards, banner advertisements, and more are all designed to get you to stop what you are doing so that you can pay attention to the add. Inbound marketing takes a much gentler approach.

Both types of marketing add value, but inbound marketing is used in a way that builds lasting connections and brand loyalty. Here is a loo at the types of inbound marketing that you can use for this strategy:

Social Media

Social media is a great inbound marketing tool that you can use to keep potential clientele engaged and in contact with you. You can also show off your brand by utilizing success stories, photographic evidence, promotions and logos. New clientele will become attracted to your social media pages if they are interactive and interesting. Communicate with the individuals who interact with your brand or business on social media to potentially gain new clientele and contacts.

Online Advertising

Paying for online advertisements is one of the best ways to reach effective clientele. Utilize search engine optimization on social media marketing posts and any web content to target a specific audience. Target to a specific audience by appealing to only audience members who are within the demographics you hope to reach. You could even utilize PPC models to only pay for clicks on the advertisement which will return investment for you as well. Always be sure to follow the trends of your online advertising to determine what needs to be changed or continued.

Content Marketing

Content marketing and inbound marketing do have the potential to work in tandem with one another. Inbound marketing uses the content created to form ideas behind articles or social media posts or to create logos and ideas. You can also track how well your content reaches potential clientele by utilizing inbound marketing to follow the analytics behind your marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is utilized for inbound marketing in a very specific way. When a potential client has provided you his or her email address, you should email him or her to reach out to them. That is still coming from the client reaching out to you and your business first. Utilize email to engage a client or customer through promotions, imagery and personalization; you could also send out reminder emails. Use email lists and automatization to ensure you are utilizing email marketing with all of your clients and potential clients.


SEO has already been briefly touched on when discussing online advertising. There are very specific ways in which search engine optimization can be used in inbound marketing to reach as many members of your target audience as possible. The first is to make sure you have a blog on your website that appeals to clients and customers and utilizes keywords and headings. Explore trending information on a search engine to develop your keywords and content for your blogs. Finally, utilize SEO on social media where you can develop a following, post links and bring a sense of community.

Inbound marketing utilizes digital marketing strategies in a very specific way. The ultimate function of this type of marketing is to develop connections and deliver useful content to the audience that adds value. Over time, this helps develop the brand and increases business.

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