B2B Touchpoints Keep You In Front of the Customer

Written by Nick Stamoulis

In the business world, a touchpoint is defined as a way that a customer interacts with a business. This includes digital marketing activities such as  an email newsletter, social media, new website content, and more. For marketers, the touchpoints give businesses a chance to deliver customers and prospects relevant information that could shape their perceptions of the brand and buying decisions.

In other words, it gives businesses a chance to stay in front of the customer. This is especially valuable for B2B businesses where the sales cycle could be on the longer side, but it actually helps companies of all shapes and sizes. Here is a look at how touchpoints could impact the business in a positive way:

Create Value

It is helpful to think of these touchpoints as an opportunity to create value for your customers. The higher the value, the easier it will be to keep people engaged with your brand. In other words, the touchpoints need to contain something that people will care about, whether it is valuable information you can deliver in a blog post, special content in your email newsletter, or a helpful social media post sharing a great article they may want to read. If the touchpoints create value, they will serve their purpose.

Stay in Touch

Touchpoints also allow you to stay in better content with your customers and prospects. For those who have already purchased from you, the touchpoints will help you turn the into repeat buyers. The touchpoints can also help you nurture those leads so that they eventually become paying customers. This means that your website, social media, newsletter, and more all need to contain helpful information for both of these types of people. Repeat customers may need different types of information than those who have yet to buy.

Shape Brand Perception

Each time someone sees one of your social media posts, newsletters, or a new piece of content, it gives them the chance to interact with your brand. By carefully controlling the touchpoints that a customer or prospect sees, businesses could easily control how people see their brands. Develop touchpoints that are in alignment with what people expect, and you will not only control brand perception, but this will also enable companies to control how people move through the same cycle. The key is to find the best touchpoints in order to do this.

Increase Sales

Although touchpoints don’t necessarily directly impact sales and revenue, they could absolutely have a positive impact. With B2B companies, sales cycles tend to be fairly long. Touchpoints give businesses a chance to stay in front of the customer. It could take months for some customers to make a purchasing decision. The brands that manage to stay in front of their minds during this process are the ones who will be in contention when it’s time to buy. If you’re the only one to do this, you will have a guaranteed sale on your hands.

Touchpoints give B2B brands a chance to stay in front of the customer or prospect. They don’t lead to direct sales, but once it comes to make a purchasing decision, the likelihood of them choosing what you are offering will be greater.

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