PPC and Social Media Advertising Can Enhance Results

Written by Nick Stamoulis

When setting out to create a digital marketing campaign, it makes sense that you want to come up with the most effective strategy possible. The goal is to ultimately find a way to maximize results, and most campaigns include a combination of strategies, such as SEO, content marketing, and social media.

Paid advertising should also be considered as part of the mix because it can help even further enhance results. Other digital marketing tactics, such as SEO, have a tendency to create results over time. It is considered to be an earned medium. However, paid advertising can start working much faster than that. As a result of that, it is a great addition to any digital marketing program. Here’s more information:

Should You Use Paid Advertising?

It’s true that most businesses are interested in maximizing results, and most businesses agree that gaining traction sooner than later is optimal.  However, this could mean different things to different businesses. It all depends on a variety of factors, such as the sales cycle, whether it is a B2B or B2C business, or whether or not stepping things up concerning digital marketing will make or break your business. The truth is, all businesses could benefit from using paid advertising such as PPC or social media advertising, it just all depends on what capacity.

Decide On Your Paid Advertising Mix

Let’s assume you do decide to use paid advertising for your business. The next thing to determine is whether or not you will use all types of advertising that you can find, or if you will be more selective. This will largely have to do with your market, but in general most businesses do benefit from having a mix of PPC and social media paid ads, and the also may advertise in other places, such as direct advertising done on specific websites. A lot will also depend on the budget. If you don’t have a big media spend, you will want to take this into account and prioritize the most important advertising channels.

Come Up With a Strategy

The most important thing to realize is that you shouldn’t just jump into doing paid advertising without first having a plan. This will take some advanced thought, and you will likely need to analyze your data before going ahead with creating a campaign. The most important aspect of this is to make sure that you understand your audience. This will help you align your message with the best possible audience.

Your strategy should be created with maximum effectiveness, and it won’t be valuable if you spend money on advertising that won’t work. We see this all the time with businesses. They may find an advertising opportunity that looks like a good deal, but on review, the advertising channel won’t connect the brand with the right people. In this case it is much better to skip these types of channels because they will ultimately be a waste of money.

When it comes to paid advertising, you need to find the best mix of channels for your business. Overall, paid advertising could enhance results if done right.

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