How Small Businesses Have a Content Marketing Advantage

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Small businesses often have limited marketing budgets in comparison to their large business counterparts. But that doesn’t mean that small business owners should just sit back and think that they can’t compete with the big guys. This is especially true when it comes to online content marketing, which has “leveled the playing field” so to say. Anyone can publish content online in order to build an audience.

How Small Businesses Have a Content Marketing Advantage

You might be saying, “Yeah, but a large business with a bigger budget has more money to invest in content and can produce content more quickly and regularly”. Yes, on the surface this seems to be true. However, in practice this often isn’t the case and large businesses are missing the mark when it comes to content. Large businesses have big marketing budgets but they’re also utilizing more channels. They’re paying for traditional advertising like TV spots and magazine ads, which still have huge costs even though the method itself is proving to be less and less efficient. Small businesses on the other hand aren’t even bothering with these channels and are focusing their efforts on content marketing. Which, in my opinion, is the best use of their resources. People turn to the web when they are looking for information on products and services. Traditional advertising methods have become noise.

Small businesses that are willing to invest in content marketing can certainly have an advantage as long as content is always a priority. At least one or two people on the team should be able to write high quality content on a regular basis (at least once a week, but ideally even more). If you don’t have anyone in house that can do this, the work should be outsourced to a qualified writer. Remember, when it comes to outsourcing you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for cheap content, that’s exactly what you’re going to end up with it and the approach will certainly backfire. These writers that you have on hand can write a post, optimize it, get it approved, publish it, and share it in social media all within a day, or even perhaps within a few short hours. This is a luxury that large businesses typically don’t have.

The problem that large businesses have when it comes to publishing content regularly is that they have “too many cooks in the kitchen”. Instead of having a few people responsible for writing content, large businesses have many people that want a say in what gets published. There are many hoops to jump through which prolongs review and approval time. While a large business blog post on a particular topic is sitting in review, a small business already has it published and shared in social media.

Of course, we are speaking in broad terms here. Some large businesses “get it” and reap the rewards. And some small businesses in certain industries still need their content to go through legal or regulatory reviews. But in general, content marketing is a game that small businesses can win as long as it’s a priority.

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