What SEO Clients Need to Understand

Written by Nick Stamoulis

SEO is an important component of an online marketing strategy. After all, when people are looking for the products or services that you provide the first place that they go online is to the search engines. While the large corporations may be able to hire an in house SEO team, that’s typically not the case with the majority of companies out there. A far more realistic option is to outsource the SEO work to a trusted SEO firm. Of course, the company still bears some of the responsibility. Signing on the dotted line doesn’t mean that the SEO client doesn’t have to do anything.

Here are 4 things that SEO clients need to understand when outsourcing to an SEO company:

How SEO Works

An SEO client doesn’t need to understand every little detail of how SEO works, since that’s the responsibility of the SEO firm but it is in the client’s best interest to have some basic knowledge. This will help the SEO client to make an informed decision when selecting an SEO firm in the first place. There are plenty of firms to choose from and each one will take a different approach. A white hat firm will strictly follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines whereas a black hat or gray hat firm tends to bend the rules a little bit. It’s important that the client be comfortable with the work that the firm will be doing on their behalf. There are lots of free resources online that can provide website owners with this basic SEO information. The Google blogs are a great place to start.

What the SEO Process Looks Like

SEO is unlike many other marketing strategies, which takes some getting used to. Clients are used to seeing immediate results and ROI with things like ad campaigns and promotions. SEO doesn’t work like that. SEO is a strategy that works over the long-term and it can typically take six months or more to see any kind of improvement. This is because SEO success is largely based on the trust of your website which doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build quality inbound links that will pass trust over to your site.

Ongoing Involvement is Crucial

The SEO client plays a large role in the success of the campaign. The SEO firm specializes in SEO, but not in your particular business. When it comes to things like content creation the SEO client needs to provide input and feedback every step of the way. If feedback isn’t given the SEO campaign could head in the wrong direction simply because the SEO firm didn’t have the resources from the client that is required. This can result in the wrong type of visitors coming to the site that won’t convert.

Some Things Can’t be Controlled

A big factor that contributes to SEO success is what others are doing in the market. Longevity is a key factor in SEO success. You have no control over your competition or how long they have had a website or how long they have been marketing it online. If you are new to the market it’s going to take some time to gain any traction.

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