How to Keep Your SEO Campaign Fresh

Written by Nick Stamoulis

An effective SEO campaign has several important elements – keywords, content, social media, and effective link building. Doing it the wrong way can hurt your efforts more than help. It is well worth the effort to make your campaign as effective as possible. The only problem is that it can feel stagnant after a while.

How can you keep your SEO campaign feeling fresh without compromising your overall strategy? Here are some ideas.

Perform an SEO Audit

When was the last time you performed an SEO audit on your site? Running your site through a tool such as Moz can help you determine if your existing campaign is even effective. You can also perform the audit yourself by examining your stats. In fact, it’s How to Keep Your SEO Campaign Freshhelpful to analyze your own stats even if you do have a software program to do the audit for you. It can help give you an idea on the big picture.

Once you get your results from the audit, you can make adjustments to your campaign. In fact, the more often you get an audit done the better off your site will be. It is much more effective to find any potential problems in the beginning stages so you can address them before they escalate.

Continually Update Your Content

Since content is the backbone of any SEO campaign, it is a good idea to keep things fresh. At times, however, this can seem like an impossible task, especially if you’ve been creating content for the same projects for a while. To change things up try hiring new writers, rotating your keywords, and finding new ways to spin older topics.

Another strategy is to use the same topics, but change the content delivery. For example, if you wrote an FAQ style article centered on a topic, you can then post a “how to” style article on the same topic. You can also change the medium. If you’ve already written several articles on a certain topic, change it up by posting a series of videos. Even though the content is similar, the different format will present the topic in a unique way.

Update Your Social Media Presence

Another important element of your SEO campaign is sharing your content in social media. Each platform has its own nuances, however, and it helps to stay current with what works and what doesn’t from one social network to the other. This will affect how you relate with the users on these sites, which will in turn change the way you share your content. Even if you use an automation tool, it is still vital to understand what works and what doesn’t on these sites.

An effective SEO campaign is one that is consistence. The issue with consistency, however, is that it can feel stale after a while. Altering your tactics slightly without compromising the integrity of your campaign will keep things fresh, which will make your human visitors eager to visit your page.

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