The Way We Search Online Has Changed – Has Your SEO Strategy?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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How do you search online? Chances are, your search style has changed and you may not have even realized it. Thanks to Google’s continual algorithm updates, it makes it easier than ever for people to search for information. In the past, it was almost a necessity to use specific keywords to find the information we needed. Now, the algorithms have gotten more sophisticated. We can even type compete sentences and questions into the search box and still get great results.

Next time you look for information, pay attention to how you search. You may have even adapted to this trend without realizing it. While this does make for a great user experience, if your website hasn’t adapted, it could negatively impact search results. In other words, changing your SEO strategy to reflect current search query trends will help increase the overall success of your site.

Perform an SEO Audit

The Way We Search Online Has Changed  Has Your SEO StrategyThis is an important first step because performing an SEO audit can help determine if your existing campaign is responded well to search engine user queries. While it is possible to perform this audit yourself, you can also hire a firm that will do the heavy work for you. They’ll even recommend a strategy that will help correct any problems in your strategy.

A good audit will assess things like indexed pages, organic landing pages, your on-page optimization, and whether or not your content is optimized. This analysis will increase your site’s effectiveness in the search engines when people are looking for information. In fact, eve if you hire a company to perform the audit, you can also do your own in-house analysis, which will help put things into perspective.

Write Content With Users in Mind

From an intuitive standpoint, visitors need to deem your content worthy of their attention. This means that your content needs to match their expectations based on what information they were hoping to find. If they were looking for information on the best home cleaning products and your “home cleaning products” page contained a list of homemade cleaning recipes, your content didn’t meet their needs and they’ll click away from your site.

How can you prevent this from happening? Well, you need to write your content while keeping your users in mind. While you shouldn’t necessarily ignore SEO, understand that your strategy should enhance your content, not work against it. If you feel as if your content doesn’t deliver enough value for your readers, it’s time to rethink your content strategy. In the long term, this will boost your SEO and also make your visitors happy.

Remember that your visitors are your audience and the search engines are in the business of helping their users with the best results possible. Will your website be part of that? By fixing any deficiencies in your SEO strategy and changing the way you write your content, you will not only reach more people, but also encourage them to visit your site on a repeat basis.


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