Where Can I Post Content?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Content is a necessary component of SEO and online marketing overall, and we’re not just talking about the content that exists on your website. In order to be successful with SEO (to generate inbound links) and to improve your online visibility in places where target audience members will find you, which can generate traffic to the site, it’s necessary to post quality content on other sites. Once we tell clients that they need to start doing this, they usually ask, “Where do I find these sites?”

Here are 3 places to look to find content opportunities:


Industry blogs

It’s important to stay current with what’s going on in your industry, especially if it’s one that’s always changing. There always seems to be something new going on in the world of SEO, which is why we always make it a part of our day to read the top SEO industry blogs. As a business owner or a marketer, it’s likely that you read industry blogs on a semi-regular basis. The next time you visit these industry blogs, spend a few extra minutes on the site and look to see if there is a link somewhere that says “Write for us” or something similar. Maybe they allow guest blog submissions or might be willing to promote your latest white paper or webinar. It might be challenging to find a content opportunity on one of the prominent industry blogs, but don’t forget about the smaller ones that are trying to build a following and may be looking for additional content to bolster the site.

Competitor links

Like any other marketing campaign, competitive research is a part of SEO. It’s important to determine who your competition is online (which may be different from your competition offline) and spend some time analyzing their online marketing and search strategies. A good way to get a peek into their online marketing and SEO is to conduct a competitive link analysis. Using a tool like SEO Moz, run a link report for each of your main competitors. This will provide a list of their inbound links. Going through this list can provide some new content marketing opportunities. What blogs are competitors writing for? Where is their content being syndicated? While not every link that a competitor has is worth going after and you want to be sure not to copy their strategy, there might be some great opportunities to be found in a competitor’s inbound link portfolio.

Sites that you advertise on

It’s important that the search engines aren’t the only source of traffic to the site and that your business is being marketed in other ways (online and offline). If you are spending money on advertising, you may be able to leverage that relationship in order to find content marketing opportunities. Reach out to any site or organization that you spend advertising dollars. If they have a content component of their site like a blog, you might be able to get a guest post opportunity there.


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