Outsourcing Content? Put in Time for Training

Written by Nick Stamoulis

So, you decided to outsource your content creation to a digital marketing agency. You see that they have excellent credentials, and the writers can definitely get the job done. When you get the first piece back, you might be a little disappointed. It is actually really well written, but something is missing. What could be wrong?

Chances are pretty good that there’s nothing wrong. What might be missing is the personal touch. In order to get the writer to the point where you will be happy with the piece, in this case, is to put in the time for training.

Writers Default to their Own Style

Even in the case of outsourcing, most writers tend to default to their own style of writing. This style is clearly excellent, otherwise you wouldn’t have hired this writer in the first place. The problem is that it might not sound like “you”. Most people when they outsource their content writing, they tend to expect that the writer will automatically write exactly the way that they need.

Most great writers can write in any style that you need. The issues is that they just need to know what you expect. In order to make sure that you are on the same page, you need to first realize what kind of style you really need. From there, you can tell the writer exactly what you want.

Be Sure to Edit the Content

If the writer returns a piece that you aren’t completely happy with, but you acknowledge that it is well written, you don’t need to leave it at that. This is your chance to put in the work to make some edits. Explain to the writer that you thought the piece was well written, but you made some edits because you want him or her to really get to know your style.

Chances are pretty good that the writer will appreciate your efforts because he or she will know that if you are happy with the content, you are more likely to continue being a client. If the writer protests and gets offending by this gesture, this is a sign that you didn’t hire a good enough writer to handle the project.

Make Sure Writing Stays on Brand

The reason why you will want to put in the effort to train the writer is that you likely have certain brand standards. Even if you have multiple in-house writers taking care of your content creation, they are probably well-coached on how the business expresses certain things. When you hire a writer by outsourcing some of your content, they don’t understand your company culture, and therefore the writing will look a bit different.

A way around this is to take the extra time to train them. In order to do this, you need to standardize your brand’s voice in a series of guidelines. Once you do that, you can give this information to the writer. You might still need to edit it, but it will be easier on them if you take the time to train them first.

You need to make sure the writing reflects you and/or your brand’s unique voice. The effort you take to train the writer will definitely pay off.

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