Convey Expertise through Consistency

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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It is true that content, in the form of an articles section or a blog, can convey expertise when done right. We have had clients come to us who have believed that the more complex the content it is, the better it will be in establishing expertise and credibility. While this type of content will do this on some level, it is also not very relatable and could turn people off from your brand.

What these clients don’t realize is that you don’t need to write at a high level to convey your expertise. All you simply need to do is write relatable content that connects with your audience, and do so on a consistent basis.

Attract Your Ideal Audience

When it comes to content, the ultimate goal is it to use it to attract your ideal audience. Therefore, it is important to note that you should write with your audience at the top of your mind. When your audience feels values, and when your content is helpful, it will not only make them happy, but they will begin to see you as an authority on the topic.

When you put your audience first, they will take notice. They will start to look at your brand in a favorable way, and they may even keep visiting your website so that they can enjoy more content. When you focus on writing for your audience, you will automatically attract your ideal audience.

Authority Is Built on Your Audience’s Happiness

What happens when your audience is happy with the content you have been providing? They will naturally gravitate to your brand and business. They will keep visiting your site to come back for more. If they see that your content is taking you a long time to write and you post infrequently, they will lose interest. They will also stop seeing you as an authority, click away, and not come back.

The ultimate goal is to make sure that your audience is happy. When they see that you consistently post content, and they also enjoy it, this creates a feeling of goodwill. They will begin to see you as an authority because they are happy, and they also because they trust that you won’t leave them.

Lack of Consistency Decreases Authority

However, it’s a different story when you are consistent. They keep coming back for more once they read something that they like. If they can depend on your new content going live like clockwork, they will begin to trust you, your business, and your brand. What happens when you aren’t consistent? Well, you break their trust. Once their trust is broken, they stop seeing you as an authority. Trust and expertise go hand in hand. The solution, then, is to remain consistent.

It is true that your audience wants to see you as an expert. This is one of the reasons why they keep visiting your site. However, they also need to see that you post consistently. If your authoritative and informative content takes you a long time to write, this defeats the purpose of it and could also alienate your audience.


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