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Marketing is a great tool to promote your business, brand, or product, and many marketers are using social media platforms like Instagram for this purpose. Instagram marketing is as effective as any other form of social media marketing because it has a huge user base that can easily influence potential customers. While you may not get free traffic from Instagram, there are ways to use it to boost the popularity of your products while generating profits. Here are some tips on how to increase sales using Instagram:

Take Good Photos & Videos

Taking pictures should never be difficult nor boring. Just take a few minutes every day to capture images that reflect your company’s culture without being intrusive. The quality of your content matters just as much as its quantity; you shouldn’t waste time taking mediocre shots. Always keep your eyes open and look for opportunities to share your message.

If you are not good at photography and video shooting, hiring a professional could help in terms of results. This is especially true if you plan to expand your business beyond local audiences and consider creating a blog. Many companies are turning into blogs nowadays, which allows them to communicate more effectively with their customers online. Though your company may part with some money at first, having a professional shoot high-quality images and videos will pay off in the end.

Offer Promotions and Discounts

A great way to attract customers to your account is to offer promotional discounts or freebies. These incentives will improve your sales figures while allowing your followers to save money. There are plenty of ways to give away these perks including offering special Instagram groups, contests, coupons, or giving out digital products. Customers appreciate giveaways because they feel like they’ve been treated fairly, and this improves your reputation. Always notify your followers when there are free offers available but don’t overdo it. Don’t use promotions as an excuse to bombard followers with tons of ads. Be creative and think outside the box.

Create Engaging Content

The best way to engage your audience is by providing lots of information. You can do this by posting interesting articles, photos, and comments on other users’ posts. It’s important to keep the conversation going since followers often comment on what interests them. If you find yourself running out of things to say, try asking questions instead of commenting. You might encounter different types of answers, such as negative feedback.

As long as you reply appropriately and treat all comments with respect, they won’t bother you anymore. Don’t be afraid to go against popular trends if you understand why they’re wrong. Instead of following the crowd, follow your gut and stick to your morals. Your goal isn’t to convince everyone that your way of thinking is right – rather, it’s to show others in your niche community that you have something valuable to offer.

Follow Influencers

For Instagram marketing to be more effective, you need to become familiar with influencer marketing. Influencers are people who have large numbers of followers. They usually have a certain amount of clout within their industry, so you should follow them to increase the likelihood of getting engagement from your own followers. By keeping up with influencers who post regularly, you can see how they interact with their audience, which helps you determine whether or not they would benefit you too.

For example, if one particular Instagram user has hundreds of thousands of followers and only two hundred likes per photo, that means he or she probably doesn’t get many views. On the other hand, if you notice someone with ten thousand likes and three hundred followers, then it’s likely the person gets massive amounts of traffic. Use this kind of data to create your own custom strategy for success.

Schedule Posts

One of the most overlooked aspects of Instagram marketing is scheduling. Since we live in a fast-paced world today where everything happens quickly, people are constantly bombarded with messages, both visual and verbal. People aren’t always interested in seeing what you want them to know, so you need to take it upon yourself to schedule posts ahead of time. This gives your brand enough time to prepare content ahead of time and even let others plan accordingly. Not only does it increase your chances at higher engagement rates, but it also saves you from wasting time whenever you finally decide to share your content.

Build Relationships with Other Pages

If you want to gain exposure for your page, it’ll take more than posting cool pictures. Building relationships with other pages is also essential in order to expand your personal network. Start your interactions by liking and commenting on posts from theirs. Ensure that the type of posts you react to is similar to those created by your competition. In return, you can respond with relevant messages to create a better connection. Sharing links, making fun of competitors, and showing appreciation are just some of the ways you can build strong relations with other businesses. Do these things consistently to create a good opinion about your business amongst your target market.

Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags are common basics every Instagram user knows about. They can create conversations around specific topics and provide greater exposure to your brand. However, people tend to misuse hashtags by using them excessively. Make sure you only use one hashtag per photo. Using too many tags makes it difficult for viewers to recognize your captions easily. Also, when possible, avoid tagging brands or competitors directly. Only tag third-party accounts that belong to your niche. People can search for keywords to learn about those businesses, so don’t put up fake profiles in the name of popularity.

If you are looking forward to having successful Instagram marketing, follow these steps. Apply all of these strategies and make your social media account as engaging as possible. You will surely enjoy a great level of success through building an engaged audience.


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