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Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Competition is great when it comes to social media content. With feeds being refreshed constantly and new content being added every minute, it’s important to create content that not only gets noticed, but gets consumed. Businesses on social media need to create appealing and engaging content regularly and consistently in order to keep their audience interested and coming back for more. Here’s what you need to know about creating engaging content for social media:

Use Images

Social media posts with images draw in readers better than ones that don’t. You don’t want to use stock images though, as they have not been found to perform as well as real photos that you’ve taken. Images can give your audience a better insight into who you are and what you do. While stock images are easy to find, they don’t reflect you, your brand, or your business. Taking your own photos also gives you control over the quality of images and the color palette. You can create a space where you take photos that reflect your workspace, brand, and even yourself. With real images, you become more relatable and recognizable to your audience. They will see you as more than just a business, they will see the humans behind it.

Create Videos

Text content, when high-quality, is great for businesses, but as mentioned, there is a lot of competition out there. Creating video content is a sure way to get your target audience engaged. Videos are more entertaining and allow you the chance to educate and demonstrate better than text content. Video content is also the perfect way to showcase your brand’s personality. Your audience is more likely to feel connected to you on an emotional level.

Run a Contest

What’s more fun than the chance to enter and win a contest? As someone overseeing a business, it’s the ideal way to grow your audience while offering them something they’re interested in. It’s a win-win situation. By running a contest, you will bring more attention to your brand and business. Some contests require those who enter to tag a friend, which will immediately put more eyes on your social media page. Other contests that ask people to like, comment, and share in order to join. Using entertainment on your social media is a great boost to your brand and gets your audience engaged.

Share Reviews and Testimonials

Many people seek out reviews before deciding to make a purchase, so why not offer them openly to your social media following? By showcasing the reviews and testimonials given by satisfied customers, you show your following that you can be trusted. Even if you’ve posted these reviews on your website, be sure to share them on social media for anyone who might not have seen them or is just learning about you.

Respond to Comments

You’ve posted your engaging content and followers are commenting. Great! This is exactly what you want, people talking about your content and your brand. Remember, it’s just as important to respond to comments on your posts as it is to post your content. Readers are going to have praise and you should thank them. They are going to have questions and you should answer them. Some are going to have negative feedback and you should respond.

You posted your positive reviews and testimonials to show how much people love your service or product, but there are going to be people who are skeptical. You shouldn’t ignore them. Showing your followers that you can handle both the positive and negative in a professional manner will endear you to them and create further trust and more comments because they see you care.

Social media marketing relies on engaging content in order to compete with all other content as well as your competition. Do what you can to create the most engaging content, while still sharing the story of the brand, who you are, and what you have to offer that no one else can.


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