Are Customer Reviews Important for eCommerce?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Just because there might be a lot of competition online when it comes to doing business, that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. You just need a way to stand apart! Maintaining a good digital presence is about more than just going through the motions, there has to be something personal attached to it to set you apart. There are many ways to do this, such as through your company story and other forms of unique content.

Customer reviews are another thing that can help set you apart online because they offer a level of credibility that will help attract new customers. Here’s more information about why getting authentic review is important for eCommerce:

People Trust Customers, Not Companies

Groups with similar interests tend to trust each other. Consumers are more likely to trust other consumers when it comes to making a purchase. However, they might, on some level, be a little reserved about trusting a company’s word, especially without proof. Customers who have left reviews, however, are trustworthy because they’ve purchased the product and given their opinion.

Reviews Can Be Verified

All of your customer reviews can be verified by the customers themselves. Next to each review, you can add a badge stating that the customer is real and genuine. Many companies resort to paying random people to pretend to be customers and make up fake reviews. A badge of verification ensures that people have 100% faith in your reviews.

Reviews Can Be Very Personal

A review gives customers the opportunity to tell the whole world about how they love or hate a product. Although there are limits to the word count, there are no limits to the words that reviewers can use to reveal their anger, frustration, joy or elation at buying the product. A review can be a few, simple lines of praise or complicated like a detailed essay. The content can also include pictures or videos for more emphasis.

Getting Replies to Reviews

Anyone has the right to reply to a review too. This may be to agree with the customer or to dispute the accuracy of the review. The company has the right to defend their services and counter any review that damages their reputation. Another customer has the right to agree with another review, which increase its accuracy.

Reviews Are Free and Easy to Write

Posting customer reviews on your websites is free and it’s also easy to do. It’s a marketing technique that has no cost to set up or maintain. For the customers, writing their reviews is easy and takes only a minute or so. They don’t have to be long, as long as the customer was honest, cha’s what’s important.

Reviews are Believable

A testimonial is a written statement that glorifies a product or service. Many testimonials are posted on a company’s homepage or landing pages. Many consumers find testimonials to be less believable than customer reviews, and they’re more likely to ignore those. A testimonial is a generalized personal statement, but a review is written about the product’s specific details and benefits.

Customer reviews can be an important part of doing business online!

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