Don’t Have Buyer’s Remorse When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Written by Nick Stamoulis

You decided that you need help with your digital marketing, so after you’ve vetted a handful of agencies, you’ve settled on the one that you believe will help you get the results you really want. You understand the process, and you both know exactly what needs to be done in order to execute the process. As time passes, you may begin to worry that the results aren’t what you expected, or you may have wished that you made another choice instead of the one you actually made.

This is called buyer’s remorse, and we have unfortunately experienced some clients who have had it. Or advice to you? Don’t worry about it! Remember why you hired us in the first place, and trust that we will do a great job for you. Here’s more information:

You Chose the Agency for a Reason

Before you go ahead with actually hiring the digital marketing agency, remember that you chose that agency to help you for a reason. There was something about them that made you believe that you were a good fit for one another. Before things really get going, pause for a moment and write down the reasons why you hired them. You made the decision because you knew that they could help you. Fix those reasons firm in your mind. Everything seems great in the “honeymoon” period, but as time goes on, you may need to find this list to remind you why you gravitated towards them in the first place.

Digital Marketing Takes Time

One of the reasons you may begin to get frustrated is because maybe you aren’t seeing improvement as quickly as you had hoped. If the agency you are working with is a good one, they wouldn’t have set false expectations. They likely told you that building great results takes time, and it requires a consistent, long term effort. Often, we see clients experience a little bit of buyer’s remorse if they start to question whether the results are happening fast enough. Chances are pretty good that you are exactly right on schedule, and you should trust that the agency has the situation under control.

Take the Time to Lay a Great Foundation

The truth is that a great digital marketing agency knows that it takes time to lay a great foundation. That is why they will start by assessing your website to make sure that you are on the right track. From there, they will suggest a program that involves SEO, content marketing, social media, and more. Whatever they decide on is surely done with the idea of creating a great foundation, which will maximize your results over the long-term. If you cut corners with any part of this process, or get impatient and back out of the relationship prematurely from buyer’s remorse, then you won’t experience the results that you really want.

So what is the solution? No matter what happens, remember why you hired the agency in the first place. Chances are pretty good that your original instinct was spot-on.

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