Aligning Customer Experience and Digital Marketing

Written by Nick Stamoulis

When businesses implement a digital marketing strategy, it is likely that they are doing so to increase their business. Digital marketing can be used for branding, increasing leads, getting more traffic, stay in touch with their audiences, and more. All of these activities, when done together, create a complete digital marketing strategy that will help boost business.

Customer experience initiatives also tie into digital marketing, and when CX and digital marketing are aligned, it can help boost results. After all, CX focuses on making the customer happy, and aligning digital marketing with these initiatives can help do that. Here’s why aligning customer experience and digital marketing is so important:

Benefits of Customer Experience (CX)

Improve Revenue

A company’s revenue is directly impacted by its ability to create a positive customer experience. Increasing customer loyalty, improving customer advocacy, and reducing churn are some of the ways in which a company can increase revenues. It has also been found that companies with higher overall customer experience scores tend to show higher growth rates over the years.

Generate More Leads

Customer experience is one of the most important drivers of lead generation. A quality customer experience increases the level of trust in a company. It encourages potential customers to provide their personal contact details (by filling out a form or providing an email address). When executed right, it can help create leads that are higher in quality as compared to traditional modes of lead generation.

Reduces Costs

A positive customer experience has proven to reduce costs and increase efficiency for companies. Companies that implement effective customer experience initiatives tend to see lower call center volumes, faster resolution of service issues, fewer complaints, and much more. This leads to substantial savings in costs over time.

Helps Retain Customers

Losing a customer can be costly. It takes more time and effort than simply acquiring a new customer. But, if the cause of losing a customer lies in poor customer experience, it can be reversed easily. For example, low-quality service complaints are one of the main reasons customers churn out of a company.

Once this happens, it is extremely difficult for that company to win back the lost customers. One way in which companies can address this issue is by measuring and improving the quality of their customer experience on a regular basis.

Aligning CX with Digital Marketing

It has been found that most companies have a poor customer experience as compared to their industry peers. This is because companies tend to focus on short-term goals while paying less attention to their customers’ experience. When this happens, it can be extremely difficult for them to achieve their long-term goals effectively. Companies need to have a clear customer-first focus and make their strategies customer-focused.

Customer experience initiatives are a great way to build momentum among customers and stakeholders. It provides a more positive environment for the business to work in and creates opportunities for growth. Good customer experiences also encourage word-of-mouth marketing, which is one of the most effective ways of building momentum.

Customer loyalty and advocacy are both driven by trust. A positive customer experience can help build trust between the company and its customers or stakeholders. When this happens, there are more chances of winning over new customers as well as building trust with existing ones.

Focusing on CX, or customer experience, can help keep customers happy, a fact that likely will help the business grow. Business strategies, such as digital marketing, should align with CX efforts, which will improve results even more.

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