Business Changes That Your SEO Firm Needs to Know About

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Many companies choose to outsource SEO work because they don’t have the resources to handle all of the work that needs to be done in house. However, it’s imperative that an SEO firm still be viewed as a part of the team. A successful SEO firm/SEO client relationship is like a partnership and one of the most important attributes of a partnership is communication. That communication works both ways. An SEO firm needs to communicate what they are doing and what the results are and the SEO client needs to communicate what is going on within the organization so that the SEO campaign remains relevant and efficient.

Here are 5 business changes that need to be communicated to an SEO firm ASAP:

The point person is changing

The key to a successful relationship between an SEO client and SEO firm is having one point person on the client side that is responsible for ongoing communication with the SEO firm. If that person is leaving, taking time off, or changing positions, a new point person needs to be designated. When emails and calls from the SEO firm go unanswered it means that things aren’t getting approved and the SEO campaign isn’t progressing, as it should be.

Website content is changing

The first step of an SEO campaign is to optimize every page of the site so that they can appear in the search engines for relevant keyword search terms. Keywords are selected based on the existing content on the page. If any of the website content is changing, it might mean that the keywords that are being targeted need to be tweaked as well. The new content will need to be re-optimized using existing or new keywords.

The website design is changing

Web design and SEO are tied together since they both involve making changes to the website. What many website owners don’t understand is that making design and development changes on the back end can affect the SEO of the site, even if the text content itself isn’t changing. An SEO firm can communicate what needs to be done to ensure that all SEO efforts remain in tact when technical changes are made on the back end of the site.

Products/services offered are changing

Every business evolves through the years. Sometimes that means eliminating services and products that are no longer selling well and sometimes it means adding products or services to your offerings. Website changes will need to be made to reflect these changes, which means that additional SEO work will need to be done as well. A new product or service page will require new keyword research, optimization, and potentially a new area to research in order to find relevant link building activities.

Other online activities are being outsourced

If you are working with other agencies that specialize in PR, social media, or content, there should be an introduction to the SEO firm. All of these activities are tied together which means that all of these service providers need to be on the same page.

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