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Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When it comes to developing your online presence for your business, the ultimate goal is to stand out from the competition. This goes for whatever you are doing online, including social media. Your efforts on social media are much strengthened by your brand identity. If your brand identity is nonexistent, you’ll have to work harder to get noticed. If you are brand identity is pretty solid, this will improve your social media efforts. Here are some thoughts related to this:

It All Starts with Consistency

So, how do you go about building a stronger brand identity on social media? The best way is to do it through consistency. This comes from a variety of activities Set up all your social media platforms with consistent brand imagery. You should also be consistent with your posting. Set up a schedule and stick with it. That way, your audience will come to rely on your content and consistency and will therefore learn how to trust your brand.

Not only that, but these activities are the foundation of creating your brand identity. Your goal is for your followers to immediately identify who you are based on your social media content. Through this effort, they may even start to get excited about your content and your brand, and eventually become paying customers.

Use Social Media to Tell Your Story

Social media is about more than attracting your audience and getting exposure for your business. It offers you a prime opportunity to truly connect with your audience. It is through this connection that you will build your brand identity and ultimately, your business itself.  You can’t just through together content that is random and unfocused and expect it to work for the long term in attracting your audience. A much better way is to use social media to tell your story, and use that story to help strengthen your brand identity.

So, what is your story? It helps to outline the story that you want to share. You can even test drive it in our mediums, like in the form of a blog post. If you find the optimum way to convey it, then it will have the maximum impact on social media.

Defining Your Brand Sets You Apart

Think of your brand identity as if it were a fingerprint. No one fingerprint is the same, just as no two businesses are the same. Your brand identity gives you the opportunity to shape the way people see your business. It helps others see your business as unique and standing out from the crowd. In other words, your brand identity helps you become more recognizable than your competitors.

However, this is only if it is done correctly. Your brand needs to match your business, your values, and the expectations of your customers. If it doesn’t then it will do more harm than good.

Having a strong brand identity gives you an edge of the competition. It supercharges your social media and makes it easier for you to attract the right audience!


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