Why B2B Content is Essential for Link Building

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Link building is the ongoing component of a B2B SEO campaign. Link building is never really “done” since the search engines like to see that inbound links pointing to a site grow naturally over time. If a site is steadily growing links and then suddenly stops, it will eventually result in a dip in search engine trust which then results in a dip in ranking. That’s why it’s never recommended to scale back on B2B SEO efforts once you start seeing results. Those results can disappear as quickly as they came.

It’s important to take a diverse approach to B2B link building so that it appears to be natural. If all of your links are coming from one or two sources it could raise a red flag with the search engines. Traditional link building practices like blog commenting, business profile creation, and relevant directory submissions are still beneficial today, but perhaps the most important element of a link building campaign today is B2B content.

Here are 4 reasons why content is essential for B2B link building and SEO success:

Content is what gets linked to

In addition to the link building that you are doing for your own site, you also want others to help out with the process. The best links are the ones that occur naturally when someone likes what they see and thinks that it’s worthy of linking back to from another web property. It’s doubtful that people are going to link back to your business profiles or directory listings. What people are going to link to is content that they find interesting, helpful, or even entertaining in some way. If you consistently create great content that is informative you will be viewed as an authority in your industry. When people are looking for resources to supplement their own content, they may use your content and link back to it.

Content gets shared in social media

One of the key components of the search engine algorithm today is social signals. If a web page (content) is getting shared frequently within social networking sites like Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. it becomes more valuable in the eyes of the search engines. This is because it is perceived as more valuable among end users because they are taking the time to pass it along.

Content can build links over time

Perhaps the best kind of content to create for link building purposes is evergreen content that will be just as relevant a year from now as it is today. In rapidly changing industries this might not always be possible and of course it’s good to create timely content as appropriate. However, evergreen content will continue to be linked to over and over, especially as the content ages, becomes more trusted, and appears more prominently in the search engines for a specific keyword search term.

Content gets noticed

Another key part of link building is relationship building. If you become known for creating great content, others in the industry may reach out and ask for a guest post, or quote you within their own content.

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