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SEO Challenges Faced by Large Corporations

Writing by Nick Stamoulis in B2B SEO Marketing

For the most part, the SEO process is what it is regardless of the size of the website that is being optimized. The process begins with industry and keyword research, then moves on to on site optimization, then continues on to link building. In some special instances on site optimization and link building may be going on at the same time but if at all possible it’s best to stick to the step by step process. From the outside it may appear as if an SEO campaign will work better for a large corporation, because the site may be more established or because there are more link building opportunities. In some cases this theory may be true, however large corporations face SEO challenges that smaller companies don’t have to worry about. So in some cases, an SEO campaign can show promise more quickly for a small business.

Here are 3 common enterprise SEO challenges:

Website size

The size of a business typically correlates with the size of the website. A large corporation that has many different departments and many different products or services to offer will obviously have a large website that includes all of this important information. The website could include thousands of interior pages. SEO best practice is to conduct keyword research for each and every one of the pages and then incorporate approved keywords onto each of the pages. For this reason, many large companies will hire an in house SEO Specialist to ensure that the work is done properly. However, some companies can’t fit this additional specialist into the payroll and the marketing department is likely already maxed out on time. In this case it often makes sense to outsource the work to a trusted SEO agency. It’s still going to take the agency quite a bit of time, but at least you know that the work is getting done and isn’t being put off to the side when other projects come up.

Red tape

When working on an SEO project for a small business, it’s likely that there is one person (two max) that will be working with an outsourced SEO partner and providing approvals along the way. It keeps the process moving and streamlined. When working with a larger corporation, it’s usually not that easy. SEO work that is conducted by the agency typically goes through a rigorous approval process. The marketing managers, the content team, the PR team, and the department managers all want to have a say in how the site is optimized, meaning that any SEO content needs to be viewed by a lot of eyes. This can take a long time. SEO is a slow moving, long term process but at the same time it’s best to keep things in motion. Stalling on any part of the process means that results will take longer to achieve.

SEO is in a silo

Within a small business, every aspect of marketing is handled by one marketing department. In a large corporation, there are dedicated departments for each marketing specialty or each specialty is outsourced individually. There could be an SEO team, a PR team, a social media team, and a content team. When each is operated in a silo, opportunities can be missed. Essentially the goals of each department are the same and everyone should be working together.

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