Why You Should Revamp Old Posts

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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time for new contentAt some point in your blog’s life span, you may feel as if you’re running out of unique things to say. No matter what industry you’re in, there will come a time when you’ll likely start repeating yourself. While having a lot of useful articles on your site can be a positive thing, continually repeating the same information in different ways can start to feel tedious. Your audience may start to think so, too, and begin finding their information elsewhere. To prevent this from happening, have you ever thought of recycling old posts?

Instead of sharing the same information over and over again, you’re better off breathing new life into old posts. This will enable you to take advantage of the momentum the post has already gained while also making it better! Here’s some information on the best way to go about it:

Remove the Dates

Before you start recycling your posts, you should find a way to remove the dates. If you’re using WordPress, there are several effective plugins available that will automatically remove the dates for you. Contact your developer to help you find the best one. When someone sees that the post was dated from a while ago, they’re less likely to read it – even if the content is evergreen. To prevent this from happening, you’ll want to remove the dates. That way, your content always looks fresh!

Analyze Post Performance

Before you start leveraging your older content, you’ll want to analyze your content’s performance. How much traffic has each post gotten? Ideally, you’ll want to give your posts that are already performing well, a boost. You’ll want to spend most of your time leveraging the top performers. You should only try to improve on older posts that aren’t performing well only after you work with what’s already performing well in the search engines.

Ideas for Improving Old Posts

Once you determine which posts you want to leverage, the next step is to employ a variety of tactics that will make your existing content even better. Here are some ideas:

  • Images. These days, content that has multiple images are more common than they were. Try adding several, high quality images to your posts to make it more visually pleasing!
  • Length. Did you write those posts back when it was okay for posts to be under 500 words? Even though your content may still be performing fairly well, you can give them an instant refresh by making them longer.
  • Title. Did your original title fall flat? Tweaking the title can certainly give your post a boost. A good title is both descriptive and clickable. If your old title is neither of these, you should definitely change it.

Changing the URL Structure

If your post is already performing fairly well in the search engines, any changes you make should be designed to improve it. However, you’ll want to avoid changing the URL structure of your posts because it could affect your post’s performance. In order to see if any improvements you made impacted your post in a positive, you’ll want to maintain the original URL. No matter how tempting, keep the URL structure the same! Overall, any changes you make should refresh the old content, not change it entirely.


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