Viral Content is Unpredictable

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Growth of Viral

It’s every marketer’s dream to have some of his or her content go viral. These days, viral content is about more than just watching a few adorable cat videos. From a business standpoint, it can take things to a whole new level and give your content the attention it deserves. It can help quickly expand your reach, but only if done correctly. Unfortunately, there really is no way to force content to go viral. It doesn’t work that way, and often when you think you have a “winning” piece of content that you believe your audience will love; the end result is that it could fall flat. Usually, it’s the content that we didn’t even think of that ends up going viral. Since you can’t predict it, should you even bother trying?

Don’t let yourself fall into a rut of trying to create viral content. It doesn’t work that way! Do these 3 things instead:

Understand That Viral Content Isn’t Everything

If you never write a piece of content that goes viral, it won’t be the end of the world – not if you already have a solid content marketing plan in place. By following a consistent schedule and churching out quality content on a regular basis, you’re setting yourself up for success. Over time, your audience will grow and so will your business. If a piece of content happens to achieve viral status, it will simply make your campaign even better. However, you can have a successful marketing campaign without relying on the massive traffic numbers that viral content can produce.

You Can’t Predict If Something Will Go Viral

Trying to predict whether or not your content will go viral is riddled with headaches! We have clients who have tried to come up with clever ideas for developing content that their audiences will love. They envision that once people see how amazing their content is, they’ll want to keep watching and sharing it. Well, viral content doesn’t exactly work this way. Often, people don’t react to our content the way we think they will. Since “going viral” is an unpredictable occurrence, it’s not wise to even try. Simply write articles, create videos, and make social posts that are all part of your unique brand and your traffic and engagement will increase at a steady rate. Once in a while, you may have a post that goes viral, or at least receives minor traffic surges, but this usually happens when you’re least expecting it.

Factors that Can Help Enhance Your Content Marketing

Sure, trying to predict whether or not your content will go viral is nearly impossible. However, all hope isn’t lost. There are a few simple strategies that can help give your content a boost. Even if this doesn’t give your content the traffic surge expect, it can help make your content marketing campaign more effective:

  • Pay attention to titles. Your titles should be both descriptive and eye-catching to maximize clicks.
  • Focus on quality. No matter what kind of content you produce, focusing on creating the best that you can will help increase its effectiveness.
  • Make it shareable. In the end, you want your content to be shareable. Usually, this happens when your content evokes an emotion in your audience or is helpful to them in some way.

Basically, your content marketing strategy won’t change just because you’re hoping for content to go viral. If your campaign is effective, you’ll end up seeing the results you expect, no matter if your content goes viral or not.

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