Is My Social Media Campaign Working?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Unless you have been living under a rock over the last few years, you know how important social media has become to our everyday lives. People are constantly connected to others through numerous social networks on many devices including their desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. It’s not just friends and family members that people are connecting with either. They are connecting with businesses and industry professionals. The opportunity for a business to connect with a massive audience has never been easier. And yet, why does it seem so hard? It’s because businesses aren’t taking the right approach to a social media campaign and aren’t sure how to determine whether it is successful or not. It’s one thing to be active in social media; it’s another for that activity to result in actions by followers that can lead to new customers or business opportunities over time.

Here are 3 signs that a social media campaign is working:

Increase in website visitors from social sites

A social media presence is an important component of an online marketing campaign, but a social media page should be used as a tool to get a fan, follower, etc. to click over to your website. The social media page shouldn’t be treated as the final destination. The actual business website is where a visitor will fill out a lead form, buy a product, or convert in some other way. To encourage social followers to visit the website, share content like blog posts or white papers that are housed on the website. To find out how many visitors to your site are attributed to social media, check the Analytics that you have set up on the site. The number of social visits should grow as your social media presence and follower count grows.

New followers over time

This is a metric that is important, but isn’t as important as some business/website owners think that it is. Some social page owners can think that this number is really all that matters. “The more followers, the more people see our content, the more business we will get” is how the thought process goes. However, that’s not always the case. Like everything else, the quality of the followers is much more important than the quantity of the followers. It’s better to have 100 followers that are actually engaged with the brand and interested in the posts than 1,000 that aren’t paying attention and therefore might not even be seeing the posts thanks to algorithms like Facebook’s EdgeRank. If you are doing social media properly (active, sharing quality content), and not doing anything crazy like buying followers, your follower count will grow naturally with people that are actually interested in what you have to say.

Followers are engaged

The purpose of social media is to be social. Are your followers taking any kind of action when they see your post? Do they commenting on it, sharing it, like it, etc.? If so, that’s great- it means that they are actually paying attention and care about what you have to say! If your social media presence is having a “Hello? Anybody out there?” type response- it may mean that you aren’t sharing the right kind of content that is going to keep people interested, keep your business top of mind, and generate visitors to your website and in turn lead to new business- which is the ultimate goal after all.

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