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Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Many of us use social media in the hopes that we’d drive traffic to our websites through our content. While this is certainly a worthwhile use of social media, this isn’t its only use. These days, audiences are more sophisticated than they’ve ever been, which means that your social media has to become an integral part of their experience with your brand.

In fact, the expectations of your, unique audience are top of mind when we create social media strategies for our clients. We also know that you want your social media to get the job done. Ultimately, nurturing your social media is all about branding. Here’s some more detailed information about how social media signals impact your brand.

Social Media Impacts Your Customers

In a lot of ways, social media humanizes your brand to your followers. Whenever someone likes a social post you made, clicks on a link you provided, or shares any of your posts with their followers, this not only spreads the word about your brand, but it is also their way of showing you their support. It is this show of support that makes social media so valuable to your brand. When people have a favorable experience with your brand, they’re more likely to become customers.

While social media doesn’t necessarily directly influence consumers in the buying cycle, the perceptions about your brand that were developed through your social media activity could impact purchase decisions over the long term. In other words, if people respond to your social media posts favorably, this could eventually impact purchase decisions if their experience was a positive one. Since this is the case, social media can be used to generate buzz, target potential buyers, and create a favorable brand impression that will later impact customers who may already be in the buying cycle.

Learn What’s Important to Customer

To make social media use successful for your brand, you need to understand what your customers find important. Your idea of what they will like may be very different than their beliefs about what is important. For example, if your company sells a software product that is designed to track sales, you may think that they will be interested in the unique features of the product, so you share product information on your social media accounts.

The reality is that your customers may be more interested about hearing what other people say about your software and they could be using social media to find some impromptu customer testimonials. Once you understand which pieces of information are most important, you can feed them this information so that their overall perceptions of your brand will change. Over time they may be interested in buying your software package for their own sales tracking needs. If you hadn’t given them this information, they may not have become customers.

As you can see, knowing what your target audience expects when they use social media will help you give them information that will view your brand in a positive light. Over time, this could impact purchasing decisions.


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