How Social Media Impacts SEO

Written by Nick Stamoulis

You may have learned that social media doesn’t impact search engine optimization (SEO). Google, for example, has said that social media is not used in their rankings. This doesn’t mean that social media plays no role in SEO though. In fact, social media is an important part of any SEO campaign as it can indirectly impact ranking.

Social media can impact SEO in a few ways, including:

Social Media Helps to Build Exposure

Social media is going to help to build exposure for your brand. Writing and publishing content is important for SEO. Just publishing content on your website isn’t enough though. People won’t know it’s there unless you let them know. One of the best ways to share your content with people is through social media. By sharing your new content with your followers, they will not only go to your website to read it, but your exposure will be increased.

If your followers enjoy the content you share, they may share it with their followers, who may share it with their followers. It wouldn’t hurt to create a small budget for social media advertising either in order to gain even more exposure. As great as your followers may be, the quantity of followers may not be enough to have an impact. With social media advertising, you can reach more people interested in your niche.

Social Media Helps Build Brands

Social media plays a role in building brands. To build a brand with the help of social media, you want to share useful content, keep your account profiles up-to-date, establish yourself as a business that is a credible source of information, and interact with followers and others who show an interest in your content, brand, and website. For SEO, it’s important that you gain trust from the search engines.

This begins with website owners gaining trust from users online. The search engines will pick up on natural links and over time deem your brand as trustworthy. This will help your website to rank higher in search engine results, which will bring more potential customers your way.

Social Media Helps to Build Relationships

Social media is the perfect place to begin building relationships with other website owners in a similar niche. Follow website owners, influencers, and other people in the business that you look up to. Don’t just follow them though. Interact with them by sharing and liking their posts.

Commenting is a great way to connect personally. Getting their attention may result in them returning the favor and sharing your posts and replying to your comments. As time goes on and you build a relationship, they may even link to your website. When someone who is established shares your links, you will be viewed as someone people can trust as well.

Even though social media may not directly affect rankings, it does play a crucial role in an overall SEO strategy. Social media will help to bring your brand, business, and content more visibility and more traffic, which is the ultimate goal.

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