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Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Unless you’re a powerhouse brand, you need to be doing SEO in order to generate traffic from the search engines. And, unlike other marketing tactics, SEO isn’t something that you can start and stop. SEO is all about long term gains and there are tasks that need to be completed every month in order to initially stimulate activity and then to maintain any success that is earned. Organic search rankings can dip over time if an SEO campaign is ditched, just as they increase over time with every great piece of SEO content that is published and every hard-earned industry inbound link is created. To earn and maintain organic search traffic, these SEO tasks need to be completed every month:

Content creation and promotion

It’s a proven fact: websites with active blogs generate more traffic than those that don’t have blogs. That’s because every new blog post creates a new page on the website that can rank for targeted, long tail keywords and can generate inbound links from other websites. Content marketing essentially IS SEO at this point. Publishing one new blog post a month is a good goal to have if you’re just getting started, but publishing a new blog post weekly is even better if you have the time/resources to do so. And don’t forget about the promotion piece. Once a new blog is published it needs to be shared across all social profile pages in order to generate initial interest and traffic.

Link building

Inbound links remain a top SEO ranking factor. Ideally, you’ll generate natural inbound links that point to all of the great content you’re publishing, but it’s still important to take a manual, proactive approach to link building. Start with the low hanging fruit of link building, which is essentially any website that mentions your website and double check that they’re linking over. If they aren’t, simply ask them to. Then, conduct some industry and local website research, looking for any inbound link opportunities. Lastly, pull a competitor link list from a tool like Moz and browse competitor links to find opportunities. Even if you find a few links a month, that’s 20+ new links a year!

Stay on top of SEO trends

SEO is hardly “trendy” and that’s a good thing! We’ve mostly settled into what good SEO is and what bad SEO is by now, but it’s still important to keep track of what the search engines are up to in order to determine if an SEO strategy needs to be tweaked at all. Some great resources are the Google Webmaster Central Blog and Search Engine Land.

Due to the ongoing nature of an SEO campaign, it often makes sense to enlist outside help to complete it. A trusted, experienced SEO firm can ensure that these important monthly tasks are completed, allowing you to focus on your business.


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