SEO Responsibilities to Execute Monthly

Written by Nick Stamoulis

There are essentially two phases of an SEO campaign. The up-front work like competitive analysis, keyword research, and making on-site SEO recommendations for existing content is phase one. Once that’s complete, you move onto phase two, which is the ongoing component of SEO that supports that up-front work. An SEO campaign builds gradually, month to month, which is why it’s important to execute the following SEO responsibilities on a monthly basis:

Content marketing

Optimizing the existing content on your website is a great start to an SEO campaign and builds the foundation. However, the key to long-term SEO success is to be adding high-quality, optimized content to the website over the long term. Every new page that’s added to the website is an additional opportunity to rank in the search engines and be linked to from other website owners. Informational content in the form of blog posts is what can attract people to a website and keep them coming back over time.

Social media

There’s no direct link to sharing content in social media that’s going to improve SEO efforts. However, like SEO, it’s a long-term strategy to build a brand and get eyes on all of the great content that you’re writing. Over time it can result in additional inbound links that do improve SEO efforts. Since the organic reach of social media posts is notoriously low, it’s a smart idea to save a portion of your marketing budget to dedicate to targeted social media advertising.

Link building

Traditional link building is still a relevant SEO tactic that should be executed monthly. While it’s hard to know how many link opportunities you’ll find month to month (since they can be rare, especially in a small niche), you should dedicate time to looking for them. Start with the low-hanging fruit, like local/industry directory listings, profile pages, and brand mentions and then search for other opportunities like guest blog posting.

SEO research

The SEO industry isn’t as volatile as it was a few years back. Best practices haven’t shifted too much recently, but it’s still in your best interest to read up on the industry regularly. Some great resources are the Google Webmaster Central Blog and Search Engine Land.

Unlike other marketing tactics, SEO isn’t something you should start and stop. Every time you pause your SEO campaign you can lose some of that traction that you’ve gained. The key to SEO success is to execute these SEO responsibilities monthly, or at the very least, quarterly. If you don’t have the resources to do so in-house, consider outsourcing the work.

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