Why SMBs Can Win At SEO

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Why SMBs Can Win At SEOSmall to medium sized business owners tend to think that they might be at a disadvantage when it comes to SEO. They have fewer resources than their enterprise counterparts and think that it’s the money that matters the most. The more money you have, the more you can “throw at” SEO and quickly see organic search traffic increase, right? Wrong. First of all, no matter how big your SEO budget may be it doesn’t change the nature of SEO. There’s nothing “quick” about it. And second of all, SEO can actually become more difficult when the budget is bigger because there are far more people involved in the process.

Enterprise organizations may have a more significant SEO budget, but they also have their TV advertising budget, radio advertising budget, print advertising budget, direct mail budget, sponsorship budget, public relations budget, social media budget, PPC budget, etc. Each channel might also have its own department and/or outsourced agency. That’s a lot of people involved in the process! The best marketing campaigns today are integrated across all channels. When there are so many people involved it makes it that much harder to get everyone on the same page. The departments and agencies all need to form relationships with one another and have a full understanding of how each piece fits into the overall puzzle. It makes it that much easier for something to slip through the cracks.

Small businesses and SMBs typically don’t have so many “cooks in the kitchen”. For example, content has become perhaps the most vital component of an SEO campaign. Within a smaller organization, there may only be one or two people responsible for writing content. The new page of the website, possibly a blog post, can be written, optimized, approved, published, and shared in social media within a day, perhaps even within a few short hours. In some cases the content writer might even be the only person that needs to approve the content, as long as management trusts their judgment. This is even better! Within a small company there aren’t nearly as many hoops to jump through, whereas in an enterprise organization the various departments and agencies will all want a say, which prolongs review and approval time.

SEO in itself isn’t a fast moving process, but in terms of executing SEO items- why wait longer than necessary? An SMB can have a timely blog post out the door and being shared and linked to in social media and across the web much more quickly than the enterprise organization that has it sitting on the desk of the 7th person in line that needs to review it before it gets published. All of the activity (links and shares) is benefiting the SMB that might have fewer resources, but was quicker to the punch.

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