How to Execute SEO with a Small Budget

Written by Nick Stamoulis

SEO is extremely important for any business that wants to improve its online presence and good SEO does cost money. Unfortunately many small businesses don’t even bother looking into SEO because all they think about is the cost that is associated with it. While it’s true that a small business with a limited budget certainly can’t hire an in house SEO Specialist and may not even be able to pay the monthly fees associated with a full service SEO firm that doesn’t mean that they can’t do any SEO at all. No, we aren’t telling you to look into those cheap SEO services that promise thousands of links and a number one rank for $50 a month. There are other ways to incorporate search engine optimization into your marketing strategy on a small SEO budget.

Here are 3 ways to “do” SEO that won’t cost a small fortune:

Learn the basics for free

If you operate a small business and haven’t done any SEO for your website yet, it’s a good idea to start small by learning the basics and then implementing it on your own to start. There are plenty of excellent free SEO resources that can easily be found online. The first place to start is probably the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. Google is the primary search engine, so you’ll want to make sure that you are following the guidelines and best practices that Google sets forth. Bing also provides resources for website owners. If you’re looking for more information, conduct a simple search for “SEO blog” and you’ll find plenty of results. Of course, you’ll want to get your baseline of knowledge from Google so that you will know to stay away from the blogs that look suspicious or inaccurate.

Execute a campaign designed by an SEO firm

The usual process is for an SEO firm to take a full service approach and do all of the work- from keyword research, to on site optimization, to link building and reporting. If you are unable to pay for these services it may be possible to have the up-front work done by a firm while you execute the rest on your own. For example, an SEO firm can review your current links and then set up a 12 month link building strategy that addresses the areas that would be ideal to gain links from based on your website and niche. It would then be delivered to you and up to you to execute as an additional marketing task each month.

Attend an SEO workshop

While SEO conferences are typically geared towards the more experienced, SEO workshops are often geared towards beginners that are looking to do some SEO work of their own on their website. A good SEO workshop isn’t going to be free, but there are affordable options out there that are well worth the money spent. The knowledge that you will gain at a full day SEO workshop will allow you to understand SEO and implement on site changes and link building on your own.

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