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Written by Nick Stamoulis

When it comes to creating a social media strategy for the business, there’s a lot more to it than simply posting on the platforms whenever the mood strikes you. There’s a lot that goes into it. In fact, if you aren’t taking the time to figure out exactly what is needed, you do the whole program a disservice because it likely won’t be as successful and as effective as it could be.

Here are some thoughts that will help you consider exactly what social media resources are needed for a great long-term social program:

Develop the Social Media Strategy

Someone needs to actually develop the social media strategy. This takes resources. You will need a way to collect and analyze data, it takes resources to determine the best approach, and it also takes resources to create and implement the strategy. You can’t take a piecemeal and random approach to social media because if you do, the results just won’t be there.

Use Social Media Management Tools

Do you have a tool that will help you manage your social media? Best practice in business is to have a presence on most social media platforms. This can be a lot to manage, even if you have dedicated staff to help you with this. You need a management tool to help automate this piece of it. Once the posts are written, there is no need to post manually. You should be scheduling them ahead to save time.

Account for Content Creation

You need a great content marketing strategy in place in order to have content to actually post on the social media. Content marketing, and regularly posting new content, takes additional resources. Think about it – someone will need to plan the content, write the content, and schedule the content. Then, it takes additional resources to determine what gets shared in social media and when it will be scheduled. If content marketing isn’t part of your social media strategy, it won’t perform as well.

Monitoring the Social Media Accounts

As part of social media, inevitably you’ll get people making contact with you on the platforms. Some may have questions; others may have feedback (both positive and negative). Whatever the nature of the contact is, the bottom line is that you will need someone in-house to keep tabs on it. For example, if someone leaves negative feedback publicly on the social media, you will want to address it right away so the situation doesn’t get out of hand. The same goes for questions. If someone has a question about a product, someone should reach out to them. Otherwise, you might lose a sale.

Build in an Advertising Budget

You might decide that boosting and social media ads will be a regular part of your social media strategy. This takes some resources, as well. You will need to pay for the advertising as well as the collateral that goes with it, such as a banner or other ad. You will also need to take resources to develop the wording for the ad.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into a good social media strategy that will yield results!

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