Refresh Your Digital Marketing Strategy Periodically

Written by Nick Stamoulis

So, you have a digital marketing strategy in place that you execute consistently and faithfully. In fact, consistency is one of the biggest ingredients to the success of any digital marketing campaign. However, many businesses create their strategies and then don’t revisit them for several years.

Although the core of all digital marketing campaigns is always similar from one year to the next, there could be slight tweaks and adjustments you could be making that can really help improve your results. If you have been running your campaign for a while now, you could be long overdue for a refresh.

Be Careful Not to Make Changes Too Soon

When it comes to tweaking your digital marketing strategy, you need to be careful that you don’t do this too often. You should execute your strategy for at least six months before making any tweaks. The reason for this is that you only want to make changes if it will help your business, and there simply isn’t enough data out there before the six month point that will help you decide if you need to make any tweaks.

We see this a lot – businesses are so excited to see results that they obsess over the data. If they aren’t where they want to be after about a month or so, they try to force the issue by making tweaks and adjustments. The problem with this is that if you try to make changes too quickly, you will do more harm than good. Your strategy could be a good one, but one month isn’t enough time for you to assess if you will get the results you want.

You want to be careful that you find a sweet spot. You want to make conscious, calculated changed where needed. However, you also don’t want

Strategy Should Change As Your Business Does

Another issue we see is that businesses often make changes without considering how these changes will impact the digital marketing strategy. Whenever you change your branding, launch a new product, change a product, redefine your audience, or make any changes to your business as a whole, you should consider how this will impact your digital marketing. Too often, we see businesses make core changes to their businesses, yet they keep their digital marketing strategy exactly the same.

Sure, not every change will require a major overhaul of your digital marketing strategy. However, you need to at least assess if you will make any adjustments. For example, new branding could mean that you need to change the look, feel, and even the writing style of your company’s blog. A new product could mean that you need to rewrite some of your website content, and work the new product into your blog content strategy. You don’t want to let a change in your business go by without at least considering how it will impact your digital marketing strategy.

You don’t want to let your digital marketing stagnate. Be sure to tweak your strategy whenever you make changes to your business, or else it won’t be as effective as it could be.

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