Problems a Fractional CMO Solves

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When it comes to getting your marketing department in top shape, frankly it’s difficult to do without a CMO on your roster. A solution to this is to hire a fractional CMO for a fraction of the cost. You can set a limit as to how many hours per week they devote to your business, and you don’t incur all the expenses associated with actually hiring an employee.

So, how do you know if you need a CMO or not? Here’s a look at what a Fractional CMO can help you with:


Do you know what your marketing budget is? Are you spending the money that you do have aside properly? You need to set the right budget for your needs and then learn how to maximize that budget. This is one task that a Fractional CMO can take on. You need someone who has expertise in the marking field to make this kind of decision.

Content Strategy

Content is about more than just writing an article and posting it on your blog. Do you know what kind of content optimizes your goals? Is your content connecting with your audience? The chances are pretty good that without a Fractional CMO, your content strategy was either disjointed or nonexistent. This is something that a CMO can help you with.


Do you have in-house expertise that will help your marketing department succeed? If not, you can use the Fractional CMO to either close the skills gap, or oversee filling the skills gap. For example, they will assess your in-house resources and determine if the tasks needed are something they can assist with, that you should hire in-house for, or maybe even outsource to contractors. Marketing departments that are understaffed won’t be best utilized to help attract more client’s customers for the business.


How are your conversions? Many B2B businesses that are stressed pretty thin might not even know what their conversions are in the first place! A good Fractional CMO will identify this as an area of improvement and determine how it can be improved.


Are you poised for success in the markets that you do inhabit? Are you trying to enter new markets? If this is the case, you will need a fractional CMO to help oversee what is needed. This is a lengthy, involved process that is hard to do without someone overseeing the efforts.


Overseeing your branding efforts is also something that a fractional CMO would take care of. One thing that is important about branding is making sure that your efforts are consistent. Without someone to oversee this, the online efforts may look a bit piecemeal. This is confusing for your audience. A Fractional CMO can help you develop your branding, oversee the implementation of it across all platforms, and help connect you with resources that will make these efforts a lot easier.


How well do you understand your customers? It may not be as well as you think. A Fractional CMO will help you determine who your customers are, create customer journey map, and help you create market segments. This is advanced work that most companies who don’t have a CMO never seem to get to. They’re too busy trying to complete the day-to-day tasks, like social media and content marketing.

As you can see, a Fractional CMO helps with a variety of strategic digital marketing tasks. This doesn’t even scratch the surface, but it should give you a better picture of what they do and why you might need one.


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