Has Your Organic Growth Flat Lined?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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It’s true that digital marketing required a long term investment. This is especially true for activities such as search engine optimization, which basically rely on consistent and ongoing effort to achieve the desired results. Let’s just image that you have been consistent for the past year or so. Your results have been increasing steadily and there has been a noticeable uptick in business.

Sooner or later you may also experience a plateau, and this can be incredibly frustrating. However, there is no need to panic if this does occur. Here are some insights as to what’s going on and what you can possibly do about it:

You Could Have Reached Your Peak

Every market has a threshold, and it could very well be that your business has already reached its peak in terms of organic growth potential. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get new business or that your leads will dry up. It just means that the people who visit your site from organic search results has reached its peak for your market.

The way to deal with this is to remember that consistency encourages results. This is time to remain consistent and make sure that your website is optimized as well as it should be and it might be worthwhile to do another site audit to make sure you are doing everything you can to encourage organic growth.

However, it is important to understand that businesses don’t need to accept that they won’t always achieve traffic increases. It is likely that there are still improvements that could be made.

There Could Still Be Room for Growth

It is hard to know whether your results have plateaued because you have reached the peak amount of traffic that you will get in your industry. The reality is that you could have actually reached your limit in relation to the current SEO plan and optimization model that you have been following, but in reality there could still be room for growth. This means that making adjustments to your optimization or your strategy could very well encourage your numbers to increase again.

Are you doing all you can to insure that your results are maximized? Here are some things to look at:

  • Consider the technical aspects of your website that relate to SEO, such as site speed. Are they sound, or is there room for improvement?
  • Are you able to post new, original content without being in danger of duplicating the information on your site? If so, you should consider revamping your content strategy.
  • Is there room for improvement with your website optimization?

When it comes to SEO, there isn’t one approach that will work for each business. Everyone has unique needs, and it be that you need to adjust your strategy to maximize your success.

As you can see, there are many reasons why your organic traffic could plateau. Not only that, but there is a seasonal factor that may be playing a part in your results. When you detect plateaus, it is important not to panic. Once you figure out why it’s happening, you can make the needed changes to improve results.


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