Improving the Readability of Your Content Helps Engagement

Written by Nick Stamoulis

It’s true that when your audience read your content, they have certain expectations. They not only want to have their needs met by your content, but they also expect that it is “readable”. If content is badly written, isn’t formatted well, and in general is a frustrating read, this will also cause engagement to drop. In other words, you want your content to not only deliver great information that makes your audience happy, it needs to be presented in a great way that is easy to read.

So, how do you create content that is readable? Here are some tips:

Make Language Easy to Understand

When it comes to writing for the Internet, you need to make sure your content is easy to understand. This means avoiding jargon and technical terms and using simple words and sentence structure. Even when delivering complex information, you should make your content easy to read and present it in the simplest way possible.

You’ll also want to avoid the passive voice whenever possible, because readers don’t seem to respond to it as well as the active voice. For example, “The cat slept on the mat” is written in an active voice, while “The mat was slept on by the cat” is in a passive voice. Active voice is easier to read and understand, so aim for that whenever possible. T

Break Up Your Text

Another way to improve the readability of your content is to break up your text, which makes it much easier to “scan”. Online readers regularly scan through the content before committing to reading it, just make sure the content will meet their needs before investing the time.

You can break up text using headlines, lists, and other formatting techniques. Breaking up your text makes it easier for readers to scan and identify the most important information.

Headlines and subheadings help to guide readers through your content and highlight the key points. Lists are also a great way to break up text and provide a quick overview of key information. You can use bullet points within lists to break up the text further and make it easier to digest.

Use Images and Videos

In addition to using clear language and breaking up your text, another way to improve the readability of your content is to use images and videos. People are drawn to visuals, so including imagery can help capture attention and hold interest. Adding videos can also be a great way to engage readers and add another level of information.

However, using visuals sparingly and only when they genuinely add value to your content is important. Too many visuals can be distracting and make it more difficult for readers to focus on the written portion of your article or blog post.

Use Shorter Sentences

Sentences that are too long can be difficult to follow, so aim for shorter sentences instead. This doesn’t mean every sentence should be short – some variety can be helpful – but as a general rule, shorter is better. You can also use bullet points or numbered lists to break up longer paragraphs into shorter, easier-to-digest chunks of information.

By following these tips, you can improve the readability of your content and make it more engaging for your readers. Remember to use concise language, break up your text, and include visuals sparingly. This will help improve not only your content, but your engagement.

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