Importance of Digital Marketing No Matter What Is Going On

Written by Nick Stamoulis

The world can be an unpredictable place, and some of these events could impact your business. The economy takes a downturn. A global pandemic sweeps the word and your business takes a hit. The industry you do business in changes and one of your products becomes obsolete. This is the nature of the world, and it is inevitable that things outside of your control will impact your business.

However, there are things that you an control. You can control how you react to a situation. You can control how you prepare for the unexpected. By adopting the right mindset, your business can weather any changes. This is why you should always be marketing your business, no matter what is going in the world. Here’s more information:

Without Marketing People Won’t Know You Exist

Somewhere out in the world, there are people who will want or need our products or services. The same is true no matter if the economy is good or not. When times are great, it might be easier for you to find new customers. When times are not so great, it could be a little more difficult, but it doesn’t mean your business is doomed. You should never stop marketing, and in fact, it is during the tougher times that marketing is more important than ever. Even if you don’t immediately bring in new business when times are hard, marketing will prevent you from losing momentum.

Let’s imagine that you have two businesses that offer a similar product that services the same industry. The economy takes a downturn. One business continues marketing, but the other stops in order to save money. The economy begins to pick back up and people in the industry are looking for that product again. It is the company that never stopped marketing that will get a lot of this initial business. The company that stopped marketing will need to play catchup, and there is no guarantee they’ll ever get their momentum back.

It Is Okay To Scale Marketing Back – But It Needs To Be Smart

That isn’t to say that you can’t cut corners if you need to free up some cash flow. Some of your marketing channels, such as social media advertising or PPC, may not be good investments. The reason for this is that they are not earned. You basically get results only as the advertising campaigns are running. If the people in your industry aren’t primed to buy, this investment could be a waste.

Other forms of digital marketing, such as SEO, require a long term approach. In other words, in order to be successful the work needs to be consistent. Even if your traffic dips, with consistent work it will rebound when the market does. However, if you stop, you will not rebound as quickly and your traffic dips will be even greater than they would have if you had just continued working the program.

When something happens that affects your market, it is important to keep a level head and not panic. Making decisions based on immediate reactions may not be a smart idea!

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