Importance of Budget Planning for Digital Marketing

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Did you leave enough money in your budget for digital marketing? These days, digital marketing tactics are the cornerstone of your marketing plan. After all, most people use the internet to find companies, research products, and to eventually buy products. Even if the business has a physical location, digital marketing tactics are still vital.

Unfortunately, even though most businesses understand how important it is, many don’t seem to leave enough money in their marketing budgets to really be able to do their marketing plans justice. It is very important to leave enough money to address all aspects of digital marketing. Here is a look at some of the items you need to make sure you account for in your budget:

Search Engine Optimization

This is the core of your digital marketing campaign, but in order for to to really work, you need to spend enough resources. A good social media program includes various strategies, such as content marketing, social media, on-page factors, analyzing data, and more. A good SEO program includes various strategies, such as analyzing technical SEO, writing excellent content, and performing keyword research.


When it comes to content there are several types that need to be worked into the mix. These include regularly sized blog posts (500-800 words), as well as longer form content (800 – 1500 words). You also need to make sure you are publishing at least each week. The length of your pieces, as well as the frequency the content will be posted, will depend on your industry and your audience. You also need to budget enough resources for your website copy. For most businesses, this will be done when the website first goes live, and then again if tweaks need to be made. For e-commerce business, however, this will occur every time you cause new products to go live. This is also above and beyond SEO, even though content does play a part in that.

Social Media

Social media is another important part of your digital marketing, and this is also something that needs to happen on a regular basis. Social media is great for branding, lead nurturing, and offers a way for you to share your content. Over time, this could help make all of your digital marketing efforts even more successful. However, you will also need to do it consistently to reap the benefits, and this takes money.

Website Usability

Your website should be at the core of your digital marketing. However, too often, companies cut corners when developing one. Not only that, but people tend to spend valuable money on details that don’t really matter, such as the website’s appearance. It’s true that you want your website to look nice, but equipping it with a lot of flashy design elements might do more harm than good. You should spend most of your time making sure the site has good usability and is designed to convert.

When it comes to digital marketing, you need to make sure you plan for it in your budget. You should ensure that your resources are spent in all the right places.


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