4 Qualities of Impactful SEO Content

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Yes, content is a huge component of an SEO campaign because it’s what generates natural inbound links to a website and helps a website rank for relevant keyword terms in the search engines. However, we’re seeing far too many website owners simply creating content to reach quotas, without taking a strategic approach. Not all content is going to help your SEO program. It’s only the impactful SEO content that will make a difference. Here are 4 qualities of impactful content that will help an SEO program:

Provides value

There are so many web pages competing for attention, what does your SEO content offer that those other pages don’t? Content must be useful in some way in order to have an impact on an SEO program. It needs to provide target audience members with information, answers to questions they have, data they are researching, instructions on how to do something, etc. Content that isn’t original and is simply regurgitating what can be found elsewhere isn’t adding much value and therefore likely won’t generate much attention, or links. One of the biggest mistakes we see website owners make is focusing on content that is too self-promotional in nature. While this content certainly has its place, it should only be a small part of an SEO content marketing program.

User friendly

Even the best written content in the world is going to have a hard time generating any SEO value if it isn’t user-friendly. If the page loads slowly or isn’t mobile-friendly or is cluttered with ads and unrelated links to other pages, it’s a big turnoff. By keeping a page clean and user-friendly, it will be much more likely to be shared and viewed favorably by the search engines.


When people read and appreciate your content, that’s a great first step. However, what’s even better is when they make the effort to share it with others, either in social media or by linking to it. Include social network share buttons on every page of content, share all content with your social followers and encourage them to share it, and create short, easy to read URLs for linking purposes.


Should be obvious, right? Content that is created for SEO purposes should be optimized. However, this isn’t always the case. When devising an SEO content strategy, determine what keywords should be targeted. SEO content such as blog posts are a great place to target long tail keywords that don’t have the search volume to be targeted on main pages but are still important to target.

The whole “content is king” mantra has resulted in some really bad content over the years. Remember, it’s better to invest time and effort into a great piece of SEO content that can actually be impactful. By focusing on these four qualities of impactful SEO content, a website is sure to generate attention, inbound links, and organic traffic over time.

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