Setting Clear Goals for Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Influencer marketing can be defined as a form of social media marketing that relies on influencers endorsing and doing product mentions n their platforms. Influencers are individuals with a large social media following and are regarded as experts in their niches.

Influencer marketing has become effective mainly because social influencers have a high level of trust with their followers. Their recommendations, therefore, act as a sort of social verification of your brand to its potential customers.

Setting goals is a critical component of your influencer marketing campaign as they provide a sense of purpose to it. Contrary to what you may think, learning to set clear goals does not occur naturally to everyone.

People often set targets or goals that are so ambiguous that they don’t know where to start or when they will achieve them. Worse still, they may choose goals they may or may not realistically reach.

Read on for tips on setting clear goals for your influencer marketing campaign.

How to Set Clear Influencer Marketing Goals

Writing clear and smart goals requires intensive thought, so you should allow yourself space and time to work. You may also need to revise your goals severally until you discover all the specifics and the right way to put them.


The first step to creating clear goals is narrowing them down and making them more specific. For example, increasing sales isn’t a compelling goal, as it creates more questions than answers. What types of sales do you wish to increase? How to establish an increase? Different people may have different interpretations of the purpose of the goal.

Effective goals are concise and direct to the point in terms of what your campaign seeks to accomplish. Consider creating your goals based on the key performance indicators you’re tracking, for example, leads, visitors, customers, and sales.


Smart goals are quantifiable and measurable. This helps you establish whether or not the campaign was a success. Otherwise, you might not realize when you’ve met your goals, or worse if you’ve even met them at all. For example, increasing sales does not specify how much you wish to raise them. The quantity must be defined so that all your team members can track progress.


Effective influencer campaign goals must be attainable and realistic. Create goals that can be completed within the time limit you choose for your campaign to run.  Getting over a million followers on Instagram in a week, for example, is a bit impractical, especially if you’re a new user or work in a niche market with a small number of fans on the site.  Consider the resources at your disposal, notably time and money, and their constraints. Remember, you only have so many working hours in a day, and there’s a budget to stick to. Ensure that your goals are achievable with the time and resources available.


Your influencer marketing campaign goals should be relevant to what you’re doing and worth the time and money it will take to achieve them. They should be aligned with your company’s overall goals and steer you in that direction.

You also need to have the capability and resources to efficiently pursue the goals you set out for your campaign. For instance, you might want to broaden your brand’s social media presence to a new platform. However, if you don’t have the infrastructure and a team to carry out the strategy, getting that right should be your first focus.

Time limit

For your campaign to be effective, you need to set a timeline for your goals. The deadlines hold you accountable and assist in establishing a schedule for finishing each assignment.
You can also set specific milestones to assess the progress of your campaign and change your approach if need be. Small victories along the way can also go a long way in motivating the team.

It would be best if you also ascertained that your timeline is reasonable. For example, getting to the top spots on Google search engine rankings is not achievable in a week as it could take Google a couple of weeks to change your ranking.

The success of your campaign heavily relies on how you set your goals. Take time to set out your social media campaign’s goals and the key performance indicators (KPIs) you’ll need to hit along the road to achieve them.

A well-thought-out game plan can assist you in determining the creators best suited for your project and how their performance impacts the overall objective of your campaign. Clear goals are a win-win for everyone, influencers will appreciate the guidance, and you will love the productivity and results in the end.


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