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Written by Nick Stamoulis

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We have clients come to us who have worked with another agency before this. When this happens, they have a lot of information about what may or may not have worked for them. Unfortunately, we have found that this prior experience may have biased this clients for or against certain digital marketing activities.

The truth is, you are working with a different agency – so things are different now. You hired us to improve your results, and we draw on our experience to get those results.

There Might Be Different Variables

Comparing one strategy from one agency to a similar strategy proposed by a new agency won’t always work. There might be a few variables that are different. This means that no accurate comparison can be made between the two.

For example, we had a client who was very reluctant to run a Google Ads campaign because it “didn’t work” while working with another agency. Upon digging, we realized that the keywords that the other agency chose to bid on weren’t the same keywords we would have chosen. The damage had been done, though, and the client was reluctant to try again.

The results would have been different had he tried it with us by the simple fact that the keywords would have been different. The same goes for every digital marketing activity. Different agency, different results.

Find the Right Agency that Fits Your Needs

Not every agency has the same approach. The goal, then, is to find one that will help you reach your goals. Let’s say you thought you already found one that could help, and then they didn’t help you as much as you would have liked. So, you find us. This is a situation we run into occasionally.

Well, just because you may have had a bad experience with the first agency doesn’t mean your experience with us will be bad! You chose us for a reason – because you have a feeling we can help you. We have a lot of industry experience and we have successfully helped hundreds of clients over the years, if not more. Your past doesn’t dictate your future. At the same time, we know the you need to find an agency that fits your needs. This is the priority.

Excellent Results Take Time

No matter who you work with to improve your digital marketing, good, lasting results take time to develop. It is so much better to select an agency you are comfortable enough with to develop a long term relationship with. The goal is to find the firm that has a an approach that really resonates with you.

That should be the priority. A good agency won’t promise you certain results, but they will assure that they will work with you in order to help you improve your business. If someone promises you certain, tangible results, this could be a red flag.

Real results take time, and there is just no way to know how much time it will take. This depends on too many factors to count.


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