Is Your Enterprise SEO Campaign Guilty of These Things?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

If you think an enterprise organization has it easier than a small business when it comes to executing an SEO campaign, at first glance you’re right. After all, enterprise organizations have bigger budgets, more resources, and typically have strong brand recognition that gives an SEO campaign some extra “oomph”. However, enterprise companies are often guilty of getting in their own way, so to say. There are extra hoops to jump through and many more “cooks in the kitchen”. Enterprise organizations need to stop doing the following, all of which hinder their SEO success:

Is Your Enterprise SEO Campaign Guilty of These Things

Recommendations sit in review for extended periods of time
SEO recommendations absolutely need to be reviewed and approved before being implemented. After all, every SEO item completed reflects back on the company. A review process is necessary, but needs to be succinct. When every manager from every department needs to approve every aspect of an SEO campaign, it’s going to take a long time for anything to get done. The SEO process is already slow enough as it is, you shouldn’t be making it even slower! Ideally there should be one person or a small team that is entrusted with making SEO decisions to improve turnaround time.

Keeping secrets
If you want to succeed with SEO, your organization really needs to open up in terms of the information that you’re willing to share. A huge part of SEO is about building trust among target audience members and in turn, the search engines. In order to build trust you need to be willing to share information. If you keep all of the most important information gated behind forms and passwords, you’re missing out on huge link (trust) opportunities. It’s also important to trust those that are working on the SEO campaign. What’s the point of withholding website traffic data from your SEO team? Seems silly, but it happens!

Not understanding the process
SEO takes time. It can be frustrating but this mantra needs to be repeated over and over again. It’s not like other marketing tactics in which you can invest money today and see results tomorrow. Enterprise organizations often become frustrated with slow results. This means they ditch the campaign altogether and move the SEO budget to other efforts. This is the worst thing they can do. Any traction that they may have gained will quickly disappear. SEO is a long-term strategy and there’s nothing even the biggest companies with the biggest budgets can do about that.

Silo-ing SEO
Large companies are comprised of many departments. The marketing department itself likely has its own departments including but not limited to the PR department, advertising department, web department, social media department, etc. SEO is just one more department to add to the list. However, SEO encompasses what all of these other departments are doing. The SEO department (or outsourced partner) should have access to and be in constant contact with these other departments so that SEO opportunities aren’t missed.

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