3 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Earning Natural Links

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Inbound links are still considered to be one of the top SEO ranking factors, which is why link building should remain a priority. Of course, link building has changed. The quality of inbound links is much more important than the quantity of inbound links. And when it comes to link quality, a link that’s earned naturally and placed on a relevant website is one of the best links to have. Here are 3 ways to increase your chances of getting the attention of other webmasters and earning natural links:

Maintain a modern site

In the online space, looks matter. People spend significant time browsing the web for work and personal use throughout the day. They’ve come to expect a certain level of quality when it comes to the overall look and usability of a website. If a site’s design is outdated, or it loads slowly, or it isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s going to frustrate the user. A site could have the best content in the world, but if it doesn’t meet the expectations of a visitor, they certainly aren’t likely to link over to it. Investing in a modern, user-friendly website is a must today.

Produce thought leadership content

Other website owners are only going to link over to your site if they have a reason to. So, give them a reason! People are only going to link to pages that they find useful. In most cases, these aren’t your product or service pages. Instead, it’s the informational blog posts that you should be posting regularly as part of an integrated online marketing strategy. Website owners who are producing informative content will gain notoriety as thought leaders in the industry, which results in website traffic and natural inbound links.

Build your social media presence

The first step towards earning a natural link to your thought leadership content is to ensure that people are seeing it. Perhaps the quickest way to get eyes on your content is to share it with followers in social media which is why it’s so important to spend time building your social profiles and generating more followers. Social media profiles should be active and of course, social. Social profiles are for communication and engagement and shouldn’t be treated as walls for advertisements. Today, it makes sense to invest even a small sum in social advertising in order to build a follower count and ensure that your content is being seen in people’s social media feeds.

Natural links are given naturally, but they don’t appear out of thin air. There’s a significant amount of work that goes into maintaining a great website, creating thought leadership content, and promoting it to the right audience. But when all of the pieces are working together properly, it’s the best way to build an inbound link portfolio.


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