Develop an Improved SEO Keyword Strategy

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Keywords are words or phrases combined with search terms to make a search query more specific. It is an essential part of any SEO campaign. Keywords vary depending on what the company does; thus, companies must research before creating their keywords.

This research will help them avoid potential problems and maximize benefits by ensuring they use keywords that match their needs and target audience properly and exploring other options.

Steps To Create An Effective Keyword Strategy

Define The Company’s Goals

The first thing companies need to do is determine their goals. By knowing this, companies can better create keywords to help them achieve those goals. If a company’s goal is to increase the number of visitors to its website, and it would like to do that by increasing its sales, it must first determine what keyword will match, such as a digital camera. There are many different ways companies can define their goals; therefore, creating effective keywords depends on each company’s specific needs.

Research The Company’s Competition

Analyzing the competition’s keywords is very important. It is ideal for off-loading the research work to someone else; however, if there are no employees that can do it, then it needs to be done by someone who knows what they’re doing. This step is crucial because it will tell them which keywords their competitors use and how effective those keywords are for their company.

Determine And Set Target Keywords

Once a company has obtained the information for steps 1 and 2, they need to start thinking about how they want their keywords to be tagged and related to their overall business strategies. A crucial thing to consider is that using too many keywords may penalize the page for keyword stuffing.

Make A Plan

After all the research is done, the first step in creating an effective keyword strategy is to decide which keywords will be used on each website that needs some work. The next step is to determine which websites will be used for each campaign and what needs to be done on those websites that have already been selected.

The keyword strategy should also include a plan for how often the keywords will change and when they will change. Changes in frequency and timing are vital because they tell the search engines if the keywords are effective and provide them with better data.

Evaluate Effectiveness

The effectiveness of the keywords needs to be evaluated to determine whether or not they are effective for what a company desires.  By determining effectiveness, companies can adjust and make necessary changes to maximize the benefit of their keywords.

A good plan will ensure that everything is executed correctly and that everything that needs to be done is completed. Once a keyword strategy has been implemented, companies need to keep their system updated as there may be changes in the market that could affect their business. Keyword research should also be reviewed periodically and updated to ensure that it remains valid for companies as time passes so they can continue benefiting from their successful strategy.

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